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Let me ask you a question, do you have good team of builders and decorators? Do you need them in your power team?

Maybe you are experiencing problems with builders not having good communication skills? Perhaps they fail to complete projects on time? Or possibly, the quality of their work is very poor?

But I know deep inside of you, you have an image of the ideal builders & decorators you want to be working with. A friendly team who not only complete your projects on time but they give more than 100% of themselves to deliver the best quality of work and maintain and develop the relationship.

Would you like to have such a reliable team?

Would you also agree that it takes time to get to know people, to know the work they do and how reliable they are?

If you are in the middle of the refurbishment and re-decoration of your #buytolet #property and have agreed with your team of builders on a completion date, and when you walk into the property you see that it is far from being completed.   At this point your breathing rate increases, your emotions start to build up and you want to scream from frustration. The pain could be as big or as small as the size of your project and your invested money, or even more than that. I’m sure that if the builders are still there, you would be tempted to “jump on their neck” because of your disappointment.

Unfortunately, some builders and decorators don’t understand your pain, they don’t understand what have you been through to even to get to the point you are at. Maybe it’s your first buy to let property or it’s your second, third or even tenth property where you had to invest all your time, creativity, all your resources and resourcefulness to make it happen and here you are, stuck with builders and decorators taking their own sweet time to complete the project.

It also could be that you don’t understand them, that builders have their own issues, (including health issues) or it could be that they are very professional and reliable but they are not as young and energetic as you would like them to be.

All the above needs to be taken into consideration and when you go to check the progress on the property, go when your team is not there so you can jump, scream and swear as much as you want and then after you have calmed down, you can  call them and politely ask why the project is not finished yet and what is it holding it back.

What I’m saying here is so important and the trigger for this article is the issue I had with the builders and decorators I’ve personally used. I arrived at a project where the rebuilding and re-modelling should have been completed the day before.  I’ve saw that it was far from finished, and I must admit that within 3 minutes I had sent a text to the builder / project manager and not so politely asked why the house wasn’t finished. He sent me a text back with – shall we say – no nice comments in it and after that text conversation – we never spoke again. I later realised that he and his team are reliable guys but very slow and have some health issues.

I didn’t understand their situation, never asked for the explanation and me being me, without thinking much – adopted a fighting position and although I kind of won “a little battle” deep inside I lost. I couldn’t control myself….. Which is sad.

I understood then, that the battle is not with them but with myself and if some people are not delivering on time – use their services just once but still be grateful to them for helping you out when you needed them.

I believe in the saying,  ”what goes around, comes around”  and after the incident I promised myself I would control myself and hold my emotions back even if I don’t like the results.

I encourage you to find a way of calming yourself even in the most stressful situations in your life and I will guarantee that the reward you reap will be harmonious and long lasting relationships with the people around you, and that what this life is all about.

Think positive, speak to uplift the world around and act like everything you do has never failed and always exceeded your expectations.

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