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Are you feeling the low temperatures and high winds? Winter is indeed fast approaching. But aside from being busy doing your shopping list, consider this first—is your property ready for winter? The low temperature combined with cold winds and winter precipitation can ruin your property from the inside out so it’s important that you are aware of the problems to anticipate.

Frozen Pipes

Water pipes are a particular worry, especially in the presence of a cold snap. When frozen water pipes burst, it can cause a serious mess and damage from gushing water right through your property. Aside from that, burst pipes can be very costly to fix so if you think your pipes are likely to freeze – get plans in place now for insulating, and if you are going away, consider turning your water off.

Frozen Paths

Frozen paths are slippery and can be very risky not just to your family but also to those who come and visit your home. With the presence of snow on your pathways, it would be better to leave a blanket of it rather than half clear the path. Why? A thin layer of snow can compress and become a layer of ice but a blanket of snow is far less likely to become slippery. But if you have the time and people to work on it, it’s still best to entirely remove the snow and add some stones or table salt to avoid further freezing.


Condensation happens when warm air meets cooler air or a cooler surface then releases some of its moisture as a result. This moisture is what causes black moulds to grow on shelves and walls which is a common problem in a lot of properties. Keep ventilated or buy a dehumidifier.

Air Leaks

Air leaks specifically around doors and windows may cause drafts and inefficiency of your heating system, thus build up your energy costs. Why waste money on heat flying out of the door, when there are cost effective options and grants available for better insulation in your home.

Roof Leaks

Roof leaks are common during winter caused by loose shingles, poor design and maintenance. If you are located in a place that gets more snow or bad storms, it’s better to inspect your roof for potential damages now that can even be worse when winter comes.

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