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Why You Should Live Near a Park: The Perks and Prices!

It will come as a surprise to no one that a garden is one of the top factors on a home buyer’s wish list due to the greenery, the added property value and the relaxation of gardening and privacy. But there may be people who would love the green view and the open space without the hassle of tending to multiple flowerbeds and hacking bushes down to size. For this reason, finding a home near a park would be a huge benefit. Not only will the likelihood be that you could have free entry to a beautiful, natural space, but also a study has shown that living near a park increases nearby residents’ state of mental health.

Mental Math.

A study was carried out over the last five years by the University of Exeter’s Medical School, following 1,100 participants. Two control groups – one moving closer to green spaces in urban areas, and the other moving further away – to see what change would occur to their mental health. Results showed that those moving closer to parks showed an immediate improvement regarding any stress, depression or anxiety, whereas those moving away showed a temporary (but obvious) decline.

So here is how it works…People who live near a park typically led a more active lifestyle. It is more encouraging to go for a jog when you have no busy roads to wind your way through before you get to the green and the trees you enjoy. Even a distance of a fifteen-minute walk can be off-putting when it comes to park visits, as are the unappealing, grey roads with houses lining either side. However, if you can see the green from your window, all you have to do is thrown your shoes on and lock the front door before you are in your element. The will not only have a marked difference on mental health either, but physical fitness too, which is always important.

More benefits will come in the form of tighter family relationships. Taking your children on a half-an-hour wander through the park, for a walk and talk, will bring you closer together. As will taking them to the kids’ playing areas or even briefly watching them at the miniature skate-park, flipping their boards on the ramps. A romantic stroll with your other half would be peaceful at dusk through the trees and besides, you could not have a better place to walk the dog.


In general, houses near to a park cost about £76,000 more than those deeper within the urban. Some parts of the UK can even see a rise of 90% to their property’s value, depending on the park it is looking out over; in London for example, a house next to a park can cost over £1.1 million.

This addition to value can be considered a serious investment, not to mention that when you come to sell, marketing your property will be so much easier.

Be Careful!

But be warned

Do not just jump at the chance by buying the first property you find near a park. Scope the open area out first and make sure it is the sort you are looking for. You are after the family-friendly, green, weekend enjoyable park as opposed to the concreted over, dodgy-character attracting area. It would not hurt to visit the park in your free time before viewing the house, just to get an idea of what to expect. Research it, talk to nearby residents and check out the safety of the children’s playing area for yourself. If it is not right, you will be left disappointed and maybe even out of pocket.

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