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#Birmingham is the UK’s second largest city located in the heart of the country. It is one the most thriving cities in UK and has its own unique character and charm.

From its industrial roots, Birmingham has become a thriving commercial and financial center. It is the home of Cadburys, Jaguar Landover and soon the #HS2 rail link.  It is also the UK’s largest center of higher education outside London, with five universities, two of which rank among the top 350 universities in the QS World University Rankings ® 2015/2016. It also boasts more miles of canals than Venice. And since it is one the UK’s most multicultural cities, it offers much diversity and range of culture and nightlife to be enjoyed. All these characteristics make Birmingham a great city to work, study and to live in.

Birmingham’s New Street is the busiest rail interchange outside of London. It is the headquarter of the National Express bus network. It also boasts an international airport that serves leading airlines such as the Emirates Airlines. The airport provides connections to New York, Amsterdam and Paris among numerous other destinations.

Birmingham is listed among the top ten #investment hotspots in the world. This is marked by a series of investments taking place in the region. Such investments include the renovation of the Birmingham New Street Station estimated to be worth £600 million, revitalization of the public transport network, a new state of the art £189 million library.  The city also attained a £32 billion approval for the construction of the High Speed 2 (HS2) rail. The construction of the HS2 rail will offer an unmatched potential for growth. It will link Birmingham City to London by a 49-minute journey. There are also plans for the extension to the Birmingham International Airport. All this makes Birmingham even more desirable location in the property market for both investors and owner occupiers. So for all potential investors in the property market, now is the ideal time to consider making Birmingham their investment potential.

For all potential investors, it will be imperative to hire the services of investment agents in Birmingham who can offer advisory services regarding the purchase, acquisition and management of investment properties. The Enlighten Estate Agents are based in Birmingham and are able to provide the best real estate advisory services in the United Kingdom.

At #EnlightenEstateAgents, we offer customers free valuation services, zero VAT and very competitive prices. Our agents employ the latest technology for all their services, coupled with professional and highly trained staff.  This guarantees that all customers get the best available services in the market. Our agents are available from 8 am to 8 pm on all week days as well as #Saturdays and #Sundays.  We also undergo regular course for professional development (CPD) services to keep the skills up to date. We have great passion for customer satisfaction and always deliver on all our promises on time to all customers.

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