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Where in Jewellery Quarter Has There Been a Rewarded Renovation?

Last summer, the Pig and Tail opened its doors after going through a huge renovation which would hopefully breath life back into the building and surrounding community. Well, the regeneration has certainly done that, but there is more to celebrate than the great food, welcoming atmosphere and the sharing platters. Birmingham Civic Society has awarded a conservation award to the Grade II-listed building, showing their admiration and approval towards keeping the building’s unique structure and character. The renovation was therefore a bit of ‘spit-and-polish’ more than anything else since the building still looks the same as ever, just a bit younger.

The pig coming from the dragon.

The former George and Dragon had been sitting dormant for almost two decades, waiting for the right project to come along and turn it into a place worth celebrating again. Dating back over 150 years, the George and Dragon had undergone extensions since its construction, even housing a brewery at some point in its story. It seems that after the 1920s R&R, everyone seemed to lose interest until it was eventually boarded up and isolated.

As it turns out, all the old pub needed was a little bit of faith and elbow grease to get it looking as good as new…and £300,000, but who’s counting? It now has a summer-like interior with yellow seating and delicate features, and it even had the biggest cellar in Birmingham.

The Pig’s twisted tail.

It could have been the case that every surface was wiped down, cracks in the walls were sealed and the store room restocked, but the project was taken one step further as a nod towards the wider community. As discussed in previous articles, Jewellery Quarter’s popularity for residential purposes has been growing, an increasing number of buildings (including old and abandoned factories) have been remodelled to house residents and transport links getting easier to use. The project leaders made a mental note of this during their plans, and as a result, have added three 1-bedroomed apartments to the upper floor of the Pig and Tail.

See for yourself.

The Birmingham Civic Society’s belief that the uniqueness and character of the building was deserving of an award should be enough, but if you want to see the successful turnaround for yourself, you shall not regret it. It opens at 11am, (so just in time for coffee!) and offers a simplistic but elegant variety of food and drink. The owners are husband and wife Mark and Chrissy Rafferty who also own the Pickled Piglet close by, so if you know that first pub then you already have a feel for what the Pig and Tail experience will be like.

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