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Where Can You Find a Royal Welcome This June?

Imagine this: stands and stalls offering a range of luxury lunches, cocktail and champagne bars, and betting stands offering the chance to double the chump change in your pocket. Add on the ambush of colour from triple-figure outfits and the excited chatter of thousands upon thousands of partakers. Oh, and the flawless line-up of majestic horses with combed-out tails, trimmed manes and hair fine enough to catch each of the sun’s rays. Every summer, the Royal Ascot returns with more drinks, more colour, and (in this year’s case) a new enclosure.

The Royal Ascot opened for the first time on 11th August 1711, established by Queen Anne and laying the foundation of a grand tradition and public event. The races now attract over 300,000 visitors every year and as a result has become Europe’s most attended race meeting; in 1813, an Act was passed by parliament to ensure that the #RoyalAscot would remain a public event, allowing this swarm of fans and partygoers to return year after year. Among the high number of guests is our very own Queen Elizabeth II, who has attended for every year since the start of her reign.

Enclosure Envy.

Before this year, there were the Queen Anne Enclosure, the Windsor Enclosure and the Royal Enclosure, all offering their own variation of standard dress codes and fun facilities. However, new to 2017 is a brand-new enclosure offering what will arguably be a more booming atmosphere. The Village Enclosure is the heart of the racecourse and it sounds like it will have a beautiful heartbeat.

As well as the expected alfresco dining areas, pop-up cocktail bars and boutique restaurants, the Village Enclosure will have an electric mix of music from three stages of music. As the sun sets, the new enclosure will stay wide awake with live bands and DJs; their music will either set the party tone for the celebratory betting winners or provide a consolation party for those who were less fortunate in selecting their horse.


We know lives can get stressful, but the Royal Ascot games sound like the perfect way to unwind. This year, the Royal Ascot runs Tuesday 20th June – Saturday 24th June. If you find yourself at a loose end these days, why not get online, book a ticket and experience the party for yourself?

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