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Have you ever stopped to wonder what people would say about you if you died?  How many people would remember what you did, how you helped them, what you left behind?

Has that ever occurred to you?

Perhaps you are at the stage in your life where although you have accomplished everything you wanted, you are still feeling unfulfilled. Or possibly, you have a strong urge to do something different and you don’t know what that ‘something special’ might be.

The truth of the matter is that we all look to develop ourselves, to fulfill the urge of contribution to individuals, to society, to the whole World.

Now you are in thinking mode, all your brain cells are moving a bit quicker, your breathing becomes faster and faster, your emotions starts to build up, you are overwhelmed with the desire to help others and without thinking much you take a pen and a piece of paper and start writing things you can do for others.

Some resonate with you and some don’t, but it doesn’t matter. Now you can’t stop yourself but externalise all your internal feelings on the paper. Your emotions raise even more and your thoughts almost start to physicalise on the paper and it feels amazing. Now from your created list you choose the thing that resonates with you the most and you begin making a plan to make it happen.

You are at the peak of your excitement because you can almost see your plan already manifested, you see big groups of people gathering around and laughing, dancing and experiencing today as if they had never lived on this planet before, as if they never been through challenging times, as if they’ve never experienced pain.

As you look around you see yourself observing that group of people feeling peaceful, satisfied and content knowing that you have made a contribution to the lives of those people, that all of them are happy because of your actions. You are grateful to God, the Universe, Great Masters & Teachers, Supreme Beings of Light and all the people who made your dream of helping other people possible.

Now as your emotions becoming calmer your sense of peace, love and appreciation increases, you are standing up and taking the necessary steps – making those plans work for the benefits of a chosen person, a group of people and eventually the whole of humanity.

Does the thought of seeing people happy make you happy? Would you feel even greater if you could see the materialisation of your good deeds?

I believe that all of us came to this planet for a reason, and we all have different reasons, but there is only one main cause/reason that unites us – contribution. By being grateful for all the blessings we get every day and sharing with others we change the vibration on the planet therefore – we change the future.

There is a quote from Nelson Mandela that says “here are so many men and women who hold no distinctive positions but whose contribution towards the development of society has been enormous”. Contribute to the world and your whole life will be filled with love, peace and fulfillment. And that’s one of the main reasons for us to temporarily occupy our space on this beautiful planet Earth.

Thanks for the opportunity to contribute to your life






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