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We in the #WestMidlands are tough if the war with the economy is anything to go by. We have held up surprisingly well during the run up to #Brexit; in 2015,Birmingham was considered the best UK city for investment prospects, and despite the major change in the political system, it has managed to hold onto that title to the current day. Thanks to the improvements dotted around the city’s infrastructure, including building regeneration and public convenience additions/alterations, Birmingham is still the highest-ranking city in the UK for investment opportunities.

But now that our Prime Minister had triggered Article 50 with her letter to the EU minister, we can expect the war-of-spare-change to start having a real impact on us. For starters, Birmingham may be going strong within the parameters of its own country, but it has slipped down the scale of best investment cities within Europe; Brexit has deterred investors from getting involved with Britain meaning Birmingham has dropped a hefty fifteen spaces to number 22.

Article 50: For anyone who is unaware of what Article 50 is, it is the European Union law that sets out a member’s leaving process after their statement confirming their desire to leave the EU.

Your Housing Expenses, Your Money.
Pricewaterhouse Coopers LLP (PwC) has made some predictions about the coming years, and where money will end up.

Household budget share projections are comprised of many separate branches of home living such as food, personal care and everything else that has an impact on your home life. These include furnishing, and housing and utilities, which are expected to increase by a significant amount by 2030.
– Furnishing – 2020 = to increase to 5%.
2030 = to increase to 5.2%.
– Housing and utilities – 2020 = to increase to 26%.
2030 = to increase to 29%.

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