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Vujicic’s Voice: Missing Limbs but Still Motivating Others.

Staring at your reflection and imagining what you would change is something that everyone will have experienced at least once in their lives, and the probability is that it turned into a habit during high school. For some people, those insecurities have a lasting effect, whether it be discouraging you from attempting something new, making new friends or chasing your dreams. Thankfully, there are some people who do everything in their power to reverse these effects, and it is likely they have suffered from the same problems.

One such man, is Nicolas Vujicic. He is an Australian author, actor, international speaker and entrepreneur. His hobbies include swimming, painting, fishing and he even goes skydiving. So, what is the problem? Well, Nick suffers tetra-amelia syndrome, which means he was born with no arms, and no legs. Imagine this; the torso of a man without arms completing a masterpiece or whipping a fishing rod from a pond. Imagine the torso of a man without legs swimming through a pool or playing football. Can’t picture it? He’s found a way to make it happen, which is why this man is one of the most inspiration people alive today.

Where did the problems start?

While at school, Nick fell deep into depression and loneliness. Growing up with whirlwind kids who would run around a playground to expel energy must have been gut-wrenching for someone with no legs, and having never met anyone else like him before, he was sure to have felt misunderstood or helpless. When he turned eight, Nick started to experience suicidal thoughts, and at the age of ten, he tried to drown himself in the family bathtub. The only thing stopping him from going through with taking his own life was the burden such an act would put on his family. He pictured his parents and brother crying at his graveside and decided he would selfish to put them through that. And it’s a good job he decided to fight on because what he has accomplished since then has changed other people’s lives for the better.

Where did the career start?

At the age of nineteen, Nick participated in his first speaking engagement. Since that day, he has spoken over 3000 times in over 57 countries to a wide range of audiences, including high school students, Church goers, business men, and groups and organisations. Sometimes, his appearances have had an audience filling stadiums to capacity while his words have brought millions of people to tears. The topics he discusses vary among bullying, inspiring positive change, persistence and determination, and his own life story.

In 2007, Nick moved to southern California where he became the president of an international non-profit ministry known as Life Without Limbs, which he established in 2005. He also founded Attitude Is Altitude, a motivational speaking company which he created in 2007.

In the speeches he gives, Nick makes the audience think about what their purpose in life is and why they should keep fighting for it. Addressing problems such as bullying comes within each speech, convincing people of all ages, sizes and races that they are beautiful and deserve their dreams. Accompanying these words is a constant stream of references to his own life where he admits his story of attempted suicide, where he explains his reasons for taken such drastic actions and what persuaded him to change his mind. He even cracks jokes about his appearance, which lets people know he is no longer sensitive to the way he looks and to make them feel more at ease while watching him hop and wiggle around on stage.


Today, Nick is married and has fathered two sons who he loves to spend time with. Growing up, he had questioned what kind of husband he could ever be if he could not even hold his wife’s hand. He also questioned what kind of father he could be if he could not pick up his children when they needed comforting. This hasn’t stopped him, because now he knows he deserves that happiness and love, and he may not be able to hold hands or carrying his children to bed, but he is there in the ways that matter.

We thank Nick for being such an inspiration and wish him all the best. We also wish all the best to our readers, and hope that Nick’s story has given you the confidence to face whatever is holding you back from achieving what you are capable of.

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