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Would you like to have more free time? Would you like to have more free time to do what you love? Would you like to have more free time to have “me” time?

Perhaps you don’t have any free time at all. You are so caught up doing your “must do things” and don’t have enough time to do what you love doing. Maybe you have forgotten the last time you had a little bit of time for yourself, a little bit of “me” time.

But imagine instead you are in a place in your business where you have more than enough time, you are enjoying things you love doing. You are feeling joy and happiness, you almost can feel strong energy radiating from your beautiful smile.
Would you agree that to get from where you are now to your dream place you need to do something different to what you have done until now? You need to have different strategies, new approaches to things you are doing now.

If you had been with me last summer, 28th of August to be precise, you would have found me at my desk in a little office, perhaps no bigger than the size of 2 standard garages, doing my day job: processing invoices, taking calls, sending emails, fax, doing some paperwork for my boss and other requested duties. It is a very busy place. Then at 1pm I had a 30 min break for lunch without being able to leave my desk, in case someone called and I had to answer the phone. Do you think I was busy in that office? If you answer is yes, you are absolutely right.

Between having a very quick lunch & answering calls, you would’ve seen me writing something on a small piece of paper taken from the recycled paper pile. What was I writing? I was writing a plan of how I could do what I love –start a real estate business. After work I went home and excited and ready to apply what I’d written at work.

My mum called – “Mam, I’m busy. Call later”. My brother called “Sorry can’t talk right now, I’m too busy”. As weeks passed, my friends would call and they too, would get pretty much same answer. Months went by, and it is now December 25th, looking through the window of my house, you’d see many families together having Xmas dinner and some fun but you would see me in the beautify decorated lounge with Xmas tree and candles by myself, working on my dream….

So I thought…. It was at that moment that I realised that my dream was to spend some quality time with my family, with the people I love most and not sitting at home by myself surrounded by paperwork. The feeling of sadness overwhelmed my body, the whole of my existence and I cried. I realised then that doing everything myself and not delegating enough, I missed a priceless opportunity to share unforgettable moments with my dear family.

Have you ever done what I did? Perhaps not at Xmas time but maybe you sacrificed your holiday, your child’s school play, your friends birthday party to chase your dream and unthinkingly, pushing your loved ones aside? Pretty sad, isn’t it?

I’m here to tell you that life is a journey, a busy journey at times but we all need to make sure we have enough time to spend with family, friends, have occasional “me” time, meditation time, pleasure time and of course, time to make your dream become a reality.

I believe that the most expensive commodity we all trade is time; so delegate, leverage and use other people’s time properly.
At Enlighten Estate Agents we take all the hassle of selling or letting your property away, so you can have more free time for yourself and your lovely family. Call us on 0121 249 0783 to have a friendly chat or visit our website www.enlightenea.co.uk or tweet us @enlightenea. We understand your pain and we can help you to relieve it.

I’d like to leave you with this, fall in love with your journey. I’ll repeat “YOU NEED TO FALL IN LOVE WITH YOUR JOURNEY” and ENJOY YOUR LIFE. It is too short. You only have time either to be happy, living your dreams or be miserable and complaining all the time. The choice is yours. But whatever you decide to do, make sure you spend your time productively.

Have a fantastic time and stay awesome

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