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With February 14th just around the corner, you should probably start preparing an answer for the dreaded, “So, where are we in this relationship?” question. Or maybe you’re married and you need to start preparing for, “Where has the excitement gone in our relationship?” A lot of people say that actions speak louder than words but for many, buying flowers and chocolates and scattering rose petals over the bed is just a little too cliché. Why not make a bigger gesture? When #ValentinesDay gets couples thinking about how long they’ve been together and how much they want each other, at least one of them needs to be prepared to show their commitment.

First Flush

If you’re in a fairly new #relationship but feel like it’ll be the one to stick, why not surprise your partner with the viewing of a flat in a prime location? This will not only show that you consider them to be a long term, even permanent factor in your life, but it will also show how well you know them, by predicting if they will be fond of their potential new home. If they are a fan of an excited, busy atmosphere, try finding a flat in a city where no two days are the same. If they prefer a quieter world with views and far-off sunsets, imagine how they’d feel living somewhere along the coast. The same goes for those of you who are engaged; newly-weds need to have somewhere to go after the big day! Plan ahead and select the perfect love-bird’s nest before you tie the knot.

Family Find

Maybe you’ve been starting your #family where you first lived together. Maybe the amount of children is starting to make the walls close in on your little beginner-home. Time to up-scale, am I right? Show your partner that your family with them is the most important thing in your life and you want them to have space to grow…and space to breathe. Find a home with the right number of #bedrooms, a family sized kitchen and a garden for the dog to run around in. If your children get bored easily, consider a place nearer to a city centre where there will be plenty of entertainment options for them to try and to find a new hobby with. If your family are always outdoors, try looking for a place near to the rural side of the scale where there are coastal or mountain-top walks, lakes to walk the perimeter of, or hill-sides to have weekend picnics on. Give your family the activity they need and the space you’re itching for.

Two Peas in a Large Pod

Maybe you’ve been through the first flush of romance and the family life drama, and now you need to find somewhere to relax. The kids have gone their separate ways and the dog has gone to the big kennel in the sky, leaving you and your partner in a house that now feels empty. There’s too much walking around your own home with no reason to want it anymore. Imagine this; a beach-view cottage near to a promenade to walk the length of with each other, a dainty living room with a wood-burning fire and a small garden, just big enough for a flower bed and a deckchair. Find your partner a cute house, just big enough for two, and enjoy the cosy feel of a peaceful home. But remember, you still have to show them you know them inside out by finding a place to make them believe in love-at-first-sight – in fact, it’s even more imperative now as you’ve been together for some time.

Oh, and if you’re the partner getting surprised in this manner, you’re going to have to make do with the cliché ideas and the flowers. The early bird gets the worm!

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Happy St Valentine’s Day!

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