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House hunting? Selling your #home? Dealing with viewings while trying to keep family life as normal as possible? This can be a very stressful time, but you need to keep a clear mind in order to do it right and to make it go as smoothly as possible.

In one way or another, we all experienced what the stress feels like, pushing back against the grey feelings of depression or anxiety that come hand-in-hand with it. But not everyone succeeds.

If left to swell inside you for a significant amount of time, stress can have several effects on your body including digestion suppression and increased blood pressure, which are only the welcoming party to a host of bigger problems.

How does this happen?

Stress causes a specific part of the brain called the hypothalamus to release hormones into the blood stream; the most recognised is adrenaline, well known for its ‘fight-or-flight’ reaction to upsetting or dangerous situations. Although all these hormones are essential to the human body’s functioning, too much of them can cause difficulties. Imagine them as little people taking a stroll around your body at a leisurely pace, until they’re joined by more and more who keep coming. Soon the crowd is too dense to be comfortable. Eventually, there are so many that they start a riot inside you, wreaking havoc with your body. They start by raising blood pressure, but large quantities also lead to changes to your skin, insomnia or flushes of anger, fear and depression.

It is important to balance out the hormones and give them a positive outlet before you start experiencing such effects, otherwise they will start affecting your home life, your relationships, and even your work.

Can I deal with this at home?

There are a few techniques you can use at #home to calm down yourself down. Each are worth trying, especially just before you go to bed to make sure you are calm enough to sleep.

  • Exercising, focusing on inhaling deeply as your breathing rate increases.
  • Breathing in a strong scent that makes you feel relaxed and happy, like coffee or flowers.
  • Squeezing and releasing the tense/numb parts of your body.
  • Picturing a scene that makes you feel peaceful, visualising it in great detail.
  • Relaxing your body by concentrating on each body part separately, beginning with your feet and gradually moving up to your head.

I can’t cope with stress by myself! I need help!

Relax. There are places where you can go to get some help with stress relief.

For instance, did you know that there is a weekly #wellness meditation session at Weoley Castle Library 76 Beckbury Rd, Weoley Castle, Birmingham B29 5HR? This happens every Friday at 4pm, lasting just 45 minutes. And the best part.. there’s no entrance fee! You can experience well-being and relaxation session while surrounded by other like-minded people. Not only does this help you relax and give you clarity of mind, but comradeship and the chance to make friends. Donations are always greatly appreciated but there’s no obligation, because the most important thing is to get you back to feeling like your own self again.

Suddenly, your stress takes a back seat because a problem shared is a problem halved.

If you have some more queries with regards to “Wellness Sessions When Moving House” please send  an email to Enlighten Estate Agents info@enlightenea.co.uk

Your peace of mind is just few clicks away.

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