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The Beaten of Birmingham: How Much Longer Can We Ignore Them?

You cannot walk through #Birmingham without being asked if you have spare change by someone in worn clothes. You cannot even walk out of a train station without spotting a huddled heap holding aloft an empty, desperate cup with the hope of temping in a lonely pound or two. Do you often regret keeping a stiff neck and averted eyes? We empathise with you, but sympathise with them. We want to help them, and we want to let you know how you can make a difference too.

If seeing those people on the floor touches your heart and you really feel for them somewhere deep within you, then perhaps instead of passing by and carrying that feeling of pity and sorrow throughout the day, you could make a substantial difference by donating food, clothing or help in any form. After you do that, you will be feeling great about it. Even more importantly, you are #makingdifference in other people’s lives and that’s the most amazing and rewarding thing you could do for others.

Did you know, that the best help you can give to someone is the time and attention they require when their need is at its greatest. If you are one who wishes to add value to people’s lives, making an important contribution to the future, you could do it by volunteering, donating supplies or financial aid.

If you don’t feel confident enough to do it by yourself, you don’t have to. There are lots of charitable organisations around who support needy people. Alternatively, you could join our team by supporting below organisations:


This wonderful charity has two main branches – financial aid and personal health. Their mission is to alleviate suffering by empowering people using self-development tools, educational programmes and #charity services. All their services aim to be compassionate and they refuse to discriminate against anyone for their religious backgrounds or culture. In fact, the founder, Master Choa Kok Sui spent over 20 years of his life travelling around many countries to instruct students with his methods, and established his complementary healing centres in many countries.

MCKS Charitable Foundation doesn’t not stop there. They also contribute to other charities which they think deserve a little extra support. For example, they donated £25,000 to each of:

  • Acorn’s Hospice
  • Combat Stress, Alexander Devine Children’s Hospital
  • Fountain Centre, Whitechapel mission

It is always possible to volunteer for a charity such as MCKS just by paying a short visit to their website, but there is also the opportunity to donate money to their worthwhile causes.


For MCKS Charitable Foundation to reach as many people as possible, MCKS Feeding Program Birmingham has been created. Currently, the main focus of this organisation is feed #homeless people in the #Midlands, particularly #Selly Oak, #Harborne and #Birmingham city centre. All proceedings go to buy some food, water, clothes and sleeping bags. If you are looking to participate in this amazing project or contribute in any possible way please get in touch.


This charity has a simpler approach to helping those in need, but no less accommodating. They do, essentially, what they say on the tin – they feed the hungry. 10 million tonnes of food are thrown away every year in the #UK from cafes, bars, restaurants and businesses, mainly because most people don’t trust the little date printed onto every label. Did you know that a ‘best before’ date does not always indicate when food is unsafe to eat? Most of the time, it merely infers that the quality of the food will be lessened, but it does not mean that what you are eating is suddenly full of poison.

With all this food being thrown away and hungry people going without a meal for another night, Let’s Feed Brum decided to act. Mondays-Saturdays, between 7.45pm and 9.15pm, members gather to offer burgers, tea, coffee, sandwiches, some hot food (if get some donated by local restaurants) to the homeless. At New Street Soup Kitchen, they serve somewhere between 50-100 people every night, but they also expand by taking food out to the people who are unable to make the journey to New Street themselves.

Let’s Feed Brum also add another element which makes all the difference. It is not only food they hand out, but supplies. They need everything down to underwear for the homeless, so send members of their Inspiration Support team on daily trips to collect the fresh food for cooking as well as donated items including:

  • sleeping bags
  • blankets
  • warm clothing / coats
  • shoes / socks
  • underwear

The lost and the beaten of Birmingham need your help. They have tried standing on their own two feet but have been brought to their knees. There are loads of ways to get involved in their welfare, you merely have to ask where and turn up with an open mind and a kind heart.

If you are looking to support or contribute to any of the above projects, please get in touch info@enlightenea.co.uk

May all the goodness you do for others come back to you and your families 🙂

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