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Once a year, it becomes socially acceptable to drown a frying pan in butter, throw food around the kitchen and guzzle down grease. It also becomes the norm to laugh when cracked eggs spill on the floor, and when your overenthusiastic flip slaps against the ceiling and sticks there. And let’s not forget the mandatory picture of a pancake overloaded with berries and chocolate to share on Facebook and Instagram. After a bloated breakfast, you drag your heavy stomach through the day (dreaming of the left-over batter) and promise yourself you’ll start dieting tomorrow.

Secret symbolisms.

Did you know that #PancakeDay means something more than gorging on greasy deliciousness to some people? It’s a Christian celebration known as #ShroveTuesday, and is a key date in preparing the worshippers for lent. The day before their fast, Christians traditionally remove all “fatty foods” from the house by throwing them away or eating them, therefore removing temptation. Eggs, flour, salt, and milk would all on that list, hence how the recipe of the pancake began.

Each of the ingredients mean something.

  • Eggs – creation and new life, which is the entire basis for the Easter story.
  • Milk – purity.
  • Salt – wholesomeness.
  • Flour – substance.

If you think about it in another way, these could also be the ingredients to beginning a successful new life in your home. Creation and new life could mean turning things around and making a new start. You may want to move house for that, or you may simply need to adjust your attitude. Becoming a more positive person will help, and looking at things from other people’s point of view. Stop seeing red, bury the hatchet, and build bridges with people you’ve had disagreements with in the past.

Purity is less about your mind set, and more about your physical being and how you look after yourself. Are your eating habits healthy? Is the time you spend by yourself productive? Do you want to quit smoking? It has been argued for many years now that healthier people are generally happier, so think about how you can improve your fitness or cleanliness to become a purer (and happier) person.

Wholesomeness indicates towards what you’re including in your life. Are you finding time to work, exercise, support your family and see friends? Are you finding time to give yourself a little TLC? Only if you include everything that’s important to you, will you end each day feeling satisfied and comfortable, so dedicate a little time to everything over a typical week and focus on the glow and the enjoyment you experience through them.

And finally, there’s substance. This is about the depth of your experiences and how much they mean to you; an aimless or boring life will bring you down. Our advice here, would be to make a bucket list of everything you want to achieve in a year’s time – be willing to try new things! Do you want a new job? Send out CVs. Do you want your own house? Save money. Do you want to do something huge, like skydive, or climb a rock-face by your fingernails, or wrap up and take a camera to visit the Northern Lights? Then block out a weekend for it and start planning. Give yourself things to look forward to which you can share afterwards, and be proud of having accomplished.

This Pancake Day, take the hidden meaning seriously and try making changes to yourself to improve the year ahead. Oh…and enjoy your pancakes.

Happy Pancake Day!

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