Home    Non-Stressful Moving Day: How Do You Do That? 

Moving to a new house can be exciting and stressful at the same time—exciting because of the fresh environment and stressful because of all the physical work that needs to be done as well as the expenses that you need to spend from your own pocket. So how do you turn your moving day into a less exhausting one that won’t cost you so much?

Get some help by hiring movers. Let me give you a tip: moving companies price higher during the first and last part of the month and weekends when they are in demand. Thus, organizing your move for midweek or in the middle of the month will save you some cash. You can also hire someone from your neighborhood as long as the person is someone you know, trustworthy and careful.  The last thing you want is to be overcharged by companies so to avoid such, get written estimates from three to four movers.  And get a more accurate estimate by allowing them to do an on-the-spot inspection rather than doing the estimate over the phone.

Organise your packaging. Here’s another moving tip: don’t spend too much on moving supplies. You can collect free boxes from any grocery store near you or check online for people and small companies that are giving away their packing boxes. To better organise your stuff, pack them by room and put a label on the boxes so it’ll be easier for you to unpack them once they are delivered to your new home. Also, remember to stack the filled boxes that go in the same room together so they are loaded and unloaded from the truck all at the same time.

Lessen your load. The weight and volume of your load and the distance to the place where you will be moving determines how much you’ll be spending on the delivery service. Therefore, don’t take the stuff that you don’t need at all. One smart way to weed out your things is by doing a garage sale. With that, you don’t just get rid of the stuff that you don’t need but you also earn something that you can use for your moving budget. Aside from that, you can also donate unused clothes and other items. Use it or lose it? That’s totally up to you.

Get the little things done yourself. Packing the boxes is not that much of a hassle to do. The good thing about doing it yourself is you actually know where to find the stuff when unpacking comes around. By doing it yourself, you can also be extra careful in stacking fragile items such as expensive figurines, family pictures and kitchen ware. Packing may take time but unpacking will be quicker if you are the one who packed the boxes!


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