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Everyone has different tastes, especially when it comes to where they want to live since houses are very personal and long-term investments. Some want to live in the middle of the city excitement, joining the rush-hour hubbub every morning and going to a new place for entertainment every night. Others want to live in “the middle of no-where”, where it’s just you and your neighbours surrounded by fields and trees and places to view a daily sunset. But there’s one element which will appeal to just about everyone; a new build.

Fortunately, there are plans for many new builds in Selly Oak, Birmingham. As part of the redevelopment of the former #SellyOak Hospital site, a whole new community is being built from the ground upwards, offering a huge area of living space with sparkling new homes. There are said to be two sites; The Oval, and The Lumley. Both have their own specific range of housing types and prices and both are to be modern but with a traditional village feeling. They have mutual advantages too; both are located near to #Birmingham with great transport links, meaning Friday night entertainment won’t be in short supply; both are wonderfully placed for families with children as there are primary schools, secondary schools, colleges, and a university nearby; and both are adjacent to the Bournville Village Conservation area, meaning wide open green-spaces and local parkland.


Not only are the locations a massive appeal, but the houses themselves will be drawing people in as they will be brand new.

Big bonuses.

So, why would a new build be a better option?

  • Quality – Well, firstly, nothing will need repairing or cleaning before you move in. Without the chain of previous occupants, everything will be in its best condition and there’ll be no nasty surprises left behind to become your problem. We all have nightmares just before moving, of finding hidden corners of damp, carpet mites or rotting floorboards – wouldn’t it be nice not to worry about such complications?
  • Modern interior – Not only will the lay out in a new build be a more efficient use of space, but it will also look more in keeping with our time. For example, becoming increasingly popular are open plan kitchen and dining areas with breakfast bars, a trait belonging to numerous of these houses in their plans. Modern trends also mean that unless you’re really fussy or have a very distinct taste, redecoration will not be a necessity upon moving in.
  • Security – Modern houses have the latest technology and building plans, designed to keep the house strong and safe. Secure locks on every door and window, and thick, safety glass windows are pretty much a guarantee these days, so you know you can trust a new build to keep you and your family safe.
  • Efficiency – The newer the home is when you buy it, the more efficient it is regarding energy. This means a noticeable reduction in bills, saving you money every day.
  • Yours – When moving into a home no one else has occupied, if feels as though it was built specifically for you. Nothing carries the weight of a previous family’s life which makes everything feel clean and fresh. Everything is yours, much like a blank canvas for you and your family to paint memories all over.

According to The Oval’s website, the first of the houses have already been sold but appointments to see the remaining properties can be made at the click of a button on the Charles Church website. Get over there now and pick a time that suits you to see if one of those houses could be your next home.

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