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What do you think is the most important element of student life? Attending lectures? Socialising? Earning a degree? All are important for their own specific reasons, but there is one part in particular that shapes students into who being who they will be for the rest of their lives. Independent living is an experience no student forgets. They learn essential skills including cooking, time keeping and organisation. They also discover chores that have never occurred to them before such as changing their bed sheets and bleaching the kitchen sink, taking responsibility for their own home and hygiene…well, in most cases.

Moving into student accommodation is one of the biggest decisions (and one of the bravest) a young person can make, so Newman University in Bartley Green, #Birmingham, #WestMidlands has made improvements to ensure no students regret making that decision. Their campus in #BartleyGreen is undergoing some serious modification.

What have Newman University done for their students?

Since receiving its full university title in 2013, the university has made it their mission to create the best learning environment possible, which is no small task. In an investment of £22 million, new teaching blocks are being constructed and brand new student accommodation is due to be finished by December 2017. This new hall of residence will accommodate for an extra one hundred students in quality designed flats and brilliant conditions. And are they stopping there? No, they’re not. Not only are they erecting new buildings, but they are extending and refurbishing others in order to keep their campus looking fresh and feeling comfortable.

In a true act of courtesy, the university also aims to lower the impact of growing student numbers on the local residents surrounding their land; their private carpark is to be expanded, allowing room for 350 cars, almost a hundred more than its current capacity.

What is the new accommodation like?

CGI pictures of the imagined halls are on Newman University’s website and can be viewed by anyone who is interested. There are planned to be about one hundred new bedrooms, each with their own en-suite facilities, and each flat is to have an open-plan kitchen/living room area.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. The rooms won’t be ready until December, so what will students applying there do between September and Christmas? Not to worry; alternative arrangements are to be made for the first semester for those who apply to live in the new accommodation.

Next step.

For graduate wannabes planning on attending Newman University in Birmingham, there isn’t a better time to take the leap of faith. You could be the first students living in the swish new accommodation – brand new facilities to kick off your university career, what could be better?

The university has invested a lot in you, so don’t let their efforts go to waste. Enjoy it!

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