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Nearby Spine-Chilling Properties You Should Never Visit Alone.

Imagine this: you are visiting a strange place on your own, sitting all alone in a room somewhere, minding your own business, when suddenly, the room temperature drops. Silence. Then the hairs on your arms stand on end, prickling your skin and making you feel itchy. Ratta-a-ta-ta…The door knob rattles, as does the window pane. Thunk…a heavy, booted footstep somewhere behind you. The creak of a floor board. A tingle runs up and down your spine, the knowledge of a presence weighing down on your shoulders. Creak…Another footstep – closer. One glance at the window tells you it is shut tight, despite the breeze – it is tickling the back of your neck. Whoosh. You take a shaky breath in to calm yourself, but then someone rattles in a breath of their own behind you, mimicking you. You spin where you stand. No one is there, but the dust about a foot away dances, disturbed, as though kicked up by someone’s feet.

Ok, now that we have your attention, let’s celebrate Halloween!

We thought, in honour of Halloween, we would have a look at some the most significantly haunted properties in the UK. So, grab a blanket or a friend’s hand (whichever happens to be closest) and get ready for some chilling stories near you.

Dudley Castle.

Yes, that’s right, West Midland’s very own Dudley Castle happens to be haunted. In fact, it is considered the most haunted castle in the UK. The Grade-I listed building dates to 1070, but obviously, as lot has happened since then, including partial demolishment by important figures such as King Henry VIII. In 1750, a fire devastated what was left and the structure has not been rebuilt or remodelled since then. It was incorporated as a tourist attraction within Dudley Zoo in 1937 where visitors can walk through the stone ruins and explore the hollow shell. But they are not alone…The Grey Lady wanders with them.

Dorothy Beaumont, the wife of a former owner who died through childbirth within the castle, has been sighted on numerous occasions as a shadowy figure dressed in a long grey dress. It is believed that she made two requests while lying on her deathbed; to have her husband attend her funeral, and to be buried beside her daughter. When neither of these pleads were fulfilled, she was doomed to wander the castle forever. Only one discernible picture has been taken of the spook, in recent years in fact, which experts have confirmed is not faked. So, next time you go to visit the sealions, be on the lookout for a grey figure watching the crowds.

The Station Hotel, Birmingham.

Dating back to 1863, The Station Hotel has seen a lot of unpleasant activity over the years, including at least one murder. It has been reported that the hotel manager from the 1990s enticed a maid by the name of Elizabeth Hitchen into the cellar where he tried to seduce her. When she refused his advances and threatened to tell his wife of his adultery, he strangled and stabbed her before hiding her corpse inside a barrel. The barrel was rolled outside and her body buried near the front of the hotel – it is believed that her bones remain where the manager put them to this day. Today’s staff have spoken of seeing the barrels where Elizabeth was hidden moving of their own accord. Could Elizabeth’s spirit be re-enacting what was done to her, hoping to lead people to her remains?

Despite multiple other spirits wandering the upstairs rooms, none of them have caused living souls any harm…apart from one. In the dining room, there is said to be an angry spirit who throws knives at hotel staff, particularly when they are alone in the room. It sounds like you will need a certain amount of courage to stay here overnight.

The Tower of London.

We all know that the Tower of London has a record of torture and executions going back well over 900 years, but we bet you did not know that members of royalty are among the victims who met their doom within its walls. One example is Anne Boleyn, famous for her marriage to King Henry VIII, giving birth to Queen Elizabeth I, and for being the first English Queen to be publicly executed. After being accused of adultery (with five different men) and witchcraft, Anne Boleyn spent her final days imprisoned within the Tower where she was later executed. Her ghost is now sighted as a headless body wandering the corridors closest to where she was beheaded.

The headless queen is not alone in the corridors. Frequently seen is the embodiment of two young boys, dressed in their nightgowns and gripping each other’s hands in utter terror. It is believed they are the two princes who were pronounced illegitimate by parliament – Edward V of England and Richard of Shrewsbury, Duke of York. The brothers, aged twelve and nine, disappeared after their uncle, Richard Duke of Gloucester, was coronated as King and ordered their murder to secure his place on the throne. Two skeletons were discovered in a box underneath a White Tower staircase by workmen in 1674, and although it cannot be proven they belong to the brothers, it is widely accepted that they are due to predictions of where in the Tower they would have been hiding. King Charles II had the bones buried inside Westminster abbey, but the inevitable terror experienced right before their death – and the lack of closure cause by uncertainty as to what exactly happened to them – must have kept the boys’ souls grounded inside the Tower of London.

So, there you have what we believe are the most haunted buildings in the UK, two of which are here in the West Midlands. We wish you all a happy Halloween. We hope it’s not too ch-ch-chilling!


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