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For 364 days a year, there’s a #woman that works on her hands and knees to keep her family afloat. There’s a lot of work involved, including cooking, organising everybody else, kissing grazed knees and singing away nightmares. But there’s one day a year where it’s all about her. Make that one day count. All you need is the right idea, so here are a few top tips for making your mother feel special…

Breakfast in bed.
First, start the day with an oldie but goodie. Make her favorite breakfast, whether it be bacon and eggs or smoked salmon rolls on toast, and take it to her before she’s emerged from her duvet. There’s nothing more relaxing that being tucked into a warm nest with your favorite food and a good, big cup of tea. While she’s eating, stay with her, talk about what she’d like to do during the day and organise it together. It always lands on a Sunday after all, it’s not like you’ve got much else to do.

It may seem like an overdone cliché, but it’s been done so often for a reason; flowers are colorful, sweet smelling, and thoughtful, and most women enjoy having them around the house.

As a finer detail, you may want to consider buying tulips. Tulips are not only good value, but they are also seasonal, so if you’re going to buy her flowers, why not buy some that she’ll only get that one day a year? Plus, let’s face it, they are some of the most elegant and beautiful of flowers.

Love letter.
Although cards are nice to look at and show that you’re thinking of someone, they can have their faults. Some people believe that they are impersonal, which is why it’s what you write on the inside that makes them happy. Cards never stick around for very long either – they will be coming off the mantel in just a couple of weeks, long forgotten by the time next year comes around.

Write her a letter instead (or as well as, if you’re feeling both sentimental and traditional). A letter is more personal and can hold a whole lot more than a card. What’s more, it’s something she can keep locked away in a draw, or tucked into the cover of her diary; that way, she will be able to come back to it, re-read it and make the magic of Mother’s Day last all year round.

One-on-one time.
The best thing you can give your mother on her one day a year is your attention; she gives you hers for the rest of the year, so repay the favor. Take some time after breakfast, or even after lunch, and take her for a walk or a sit in the conservatory with a cuppa. Knowing she’s appreciated is what gives her the energy to keep going, so make sure you give her a super healthy dose of gratitude and affection on Mother’s Day to remind her she’s never taken for granted.

Mum’s the word!
Even just one of the above activities will mean the world to her, so imagine how she will feel if you give her all four. Take your time planning each one and add the personal touches like a breakfast with eggs served her favorite way, or a letter thanking her for specific things she has done for you this past year. Good luck.

Happy Mother’s Day! #mothersday

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