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As children, we all dreamt of one day living in a huge house with electric gates, swimming pools, indoor cinemas, and balconies with heaven-worthy views. Not one car journey would go by without spotting a mansion, pointing and saying, “I’m going to live in a house like that one day.” Unbelievably, there are properties like this available in the Birmingham area, hiding in Edgbaston.

Splashing the cash.

If you have a couple of million pounds to spare, there are options there for you. There are multiple properties in Farquhar Road alone which may require a winning lottery ticket to purchase, but if you have the #money, you’ll definitely want to take a look at them. The #houses themselves have up to 10 bedrooms, multiple reception rooms (just in case one is not enough), and even indoor swimming pools and/or cinema rooms. With ground spanning 7,000-10,000 square feet, you’ll have plenty of spare space for children to run around during Easter egg hunts and you’ll be able to have summer picnics in your own back garden. Outside are electric gates to keep all of this (and everyone inside) safe while protecting your privacy. The most expensive of these properties is nearly £3 million.

Maybe you need something a little cheaper. There are properties nearby that share characteristics of the above houses, but are a little more comprehensible both size and money wise. For example, in Antringham Gardens, Edgbaston, a detached bungalow is waiting for just over £1 million to turn up. It features five bedrooms, a second kitchen and sits over 2,600 square feet. There may not be any electric gates but there is still off-road parking and rear gardens. Perfect for an older couple who can’t deal with the stairs anymore but still want a luxury element to their life.

Retirement indulgence.

Maybe you’ve done the whole big-house-big-garden thing, feeling as though you’ve paid your dues, and now you need to put your feet up and let someone else do the maintenance work. Edgbaston is also home to a #luxury retirement village where you can own a home but not have to worry about keeping it tidy. Luxury apartments and cottages are available, offering places with one bedroom, or two bedrooms, multiple bathrooms, and terraces. Property gardens bring the home owners together, offering a place to sit on summer days and colours to admire in the spring.

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