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Legge Lane – New Apartments Overload!

Recent developments in one Jewellery Quarter street has sparked a lot of interest, especially since an extra one will hopefully move the number of projects up to four very soon. If we add up the amount of new homes coming to the area through these four projects, we will end up with hundreds of new apartments of all sizes, accommodating to multiple requirements and needs. The fourth project should receive its green light soon, bringing even more activity to Legge Lane. With so much interest in the street, we decided to dig a little deeper and discover what was so special about the area to attract this much investment in Jewellery Quarter’s future population.

The New Project.

The latest of the four project – which is only waiting for its official ‘go ahead’ – is coming from developer Property Solutions and will offer a wide range of new accommodation to attract people from all kinds of living situations. There shall be around 51 one-bedroomed flats, 75 two-bedroomed apartments, 9 three-bedroomed apartments and even a four-bedroomed house. In total, that reaches 136 new accommodations, most of which with more than just the one bedroom; this means it will attract young couples or families, creating a family friendly community.

The land this project will be built on is derelict and features disused buildings, all in some state of disrepair. In fact, one building was so far beyond help (St Paul’s School house which was on the corner of Legge Lane) that it had to be demolished earlier this year.

The existing projects.

The developer of the new project is Birmingham-based and is currently half-way through another Legge Lane development, transforming a former car-park into a 78-apartment building.

One of the other existing projects is turning the former Ashton and Moore anodising factory into 27 new apartments plus four commercial units. Therefore, this will not only aid the residential life around Jewellery Quarter, but also the business side of it, bringing yet more interest to Legge Lane.

The final project comes from a London-based developer and is aiming to create 100 new accommodations.

All these projects – along with the new one which we expect to be started in the coming months – will create 341 new homes all in one street.

What’s around?

With so much happening in Legge Lane, we thought we would look at the surrounding area to see what the new residents will have to look forward to. Well, shopping certainly will not be a problem since there are plenty of small shops around the street, but they are also very close to a Tesco Superstore. Going out for a Saturday lunch won’t be a problem either with all the bars and eateries dotted around within walking distance.

For those residents who like to dedicate themselves on a Sunday morning, also within walking distance is the famous St Paul’s Church, beautiful and historic and faithful. This also means that residents will be close to an open, green space because lovely lawns surround St Paul’s Church, providing somewhere to sit and have an ice cream on those hot summer days.

With so much space available for families among these projects, we wondered whether there would easy access to schools. It turns out there is. Both Nelson Primary School and Brookfield’s Primary School are only a quick 10-minute walk away – it could not be more convenient if it tried. Furthermore, the School of Jewellery is only a five-minute walk away for the new residents who are interested in getting involved in the historic tradition of Jewellery Quarter.

Well, colour us impressed because the city is turning this forgotten, run-down street into a building site to support the future of Jewellery Quarter. It will provide numerous homes for multiple families and young professionals who are likely to find a convenient and smooth lifestyle in such a practical place.

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