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We’ve all seen the Rotunda building; how could you not if you have ever been to #Birmingham’s city centre? It was built on the threshold of Birmingham New Street, a few steps away from the Bullring shopping centre, where it and stands 81 meters off the ground. Architect James Roberts designed it with very specific ideas in place, and although some of them may not have happened, he should still be very proud of himself. And we have heard through the grapevine that there are currently openings in its accommodations – imagine living there, with the views and central location. Need help in understanding what a big deal this is? Read on.

Rotunda from day one.
Original plans for the Rotunda contained the concept of having a flame-shaped beacon on its head to give the impression of a massive candle in the heart of the city. What’s more, this beacon would have changed colour according to Birmingham’s weather. This, however – along with the concept of a rotating restaurant on the top floor and a cinema just beneath – was abandoned due to costing. Building the Rotunda cost £1 million, so building such ambitious features would have blown the budget. It had already been extended from having 12 floors to more than double, at 25. None the less, the building has still been put to good use.

The Rotunda opened in 1965, its offices home to businesses and with a Lloyd’s Bank on the bottom floor (secure vaults lying beneath its feet). It continued like this for many years, over seeing a lot of life on New Street, watching the world go by. It even experienced damage during the Birmingham pub bombings in 1974 when the ground and first floors suffered from broken windows and ruptured walls, many people sustaining injuries.

August 9th, 2000, saw the building get awarded Grade II listed building status thanks to advice given by English Heritage. This protects it by controlling any changes being planned, which means our delicate and beautiful Rotunda is likely to remain looking the same.

In 2004, it started internal redevelopment so that the offices became 234 luxury apartments. People started living in this fantastic building in 2008…and now, you could live there too.

Apartments on the market!
Word says that there are currently two apartments open to be sold in the Rotunda. The smaller of the two has one bedroom, which is a double, and is located on the 8th floor. With floor to ceiling windows in both the living room and the bedroom, looking out over the expanse of England’s second city, you’re sure to be the envy of every single one of your friends. This #apartment has an asking price of £215,000, which may seem like a lot for an apartment, but the views, the location and the luxury would be well worth it. The second apartment is bigger; two bedrooms and proudly sitting on the 13th floor (giving even better views than the previous one). This one has an asking price of £350,000 or a rent of £1400 pcm.

What’s not to love? Why shouldn’t you ask for a viewing?

If you’re looking for somewhere to move to, but these apartments aren’t in your price range quite yet, there is plenty more accommodation in Birmingham that you should know about. Sign up for property updates with us, and keep up with every ‘For Sale’ sign going up around you.

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