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When deciding on a #newhome, for most people, the location of their property is paramount. This isn’t just down to the local amenities, but also down to how attractive the area is. After all, you don’t want to be glancing out of your bedroom window to see grey, block buildings, or row after row of dingy rooftops. You don’t want to go for a wander on a Sunday afternoon and see nothing but discarded shopping trolleys and fast food restaurants. You want a bit of refinement, that can make you feel safe but content and relaxed.

A beauty’s step back in time.
Many of Jewellery Quarter’s buildings are remnants from a previous era. Walking down the street is like walking through a time capsule and ending up in the Victorian era where the terraced buildings all slot together like individual building blocks. In the past decade, left-over factories and manufacturing houses have been converted into apartments and town #houses, meaning you could live inside an old, traditional building and look out the window at what tired factory workers saw hundreds of years ago. Some believe that this historic beauty is something worth preserving and admiring; a conservation area has even listed over 200 buildings by the English Heritage to be protected.

If the residential and work houses don’t quite work for you, then think about St Paul’s Church. Not only is this also a historic beauty dating back to 1779, but the green surrounding it is also Birmingham’s last Georgian Square.

Additional assets.
Other things to keep an eye out for when moving to a new place, is the facilities it offers within an acceptable radius. Jewellery Quarter has many pillars holding up its claim to practicality, the most obvious of which would be the incredible jewellery industry – the area does what it says on the tin. There are around 500 jewellery businesses in Jewellery Quarter, 100 of which are in retail. There is almost an unfathomable number of jobs going in the jewellery line, and after you’ve earnt your money, you could stumble across a huge number of shops to buy yourself a treat on your way home. What’s more, Jewellery Quarter is home to the largest School of Jewellery in Europe, and has been since the school opened in 1890.

Important to some people, is the availability of health services near their home. A fairly recent addition to the area is the Hockley Medical Practice, which offers a wide range of medical assistance. They go from providing family planning to minor surgeries, so you’re sure to get the attention you need. And as an extra vote of confidence in their community, they offer themselves as a training surgery to hospital doctors on placement and doctors training to be a GP.

On top of all the above factors, Jewellery Quarter has over 30 restaurants and bars and cafes, a post office, several hair and beauty salons and much, much more to make this a convenient and comfortable place to live.

Jewellery Quarter is typically popular among young professionals, seeking a home close to their new place of work, and young couples who are starting their life together. But now, due to better transport links to schools, families are starting to get a feel for the area. With the growing popularity, it is expected that the current population of 6000 residents is to swell to 10,000 by the year 2020.

Lets hope the delicate history can withstand a rise in population that high, because it would be a shame to lose the beauty #JewelleryQuarter brings to #Birmingham.

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