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Damage, Disuse and Demolition: Is Kent Street Ready to Move On?
As if there aren’t already enough property building projects dotted around the #Birmingham area, there is said to be another one on its way, and this one is a real head-turner. Around £100 million has been projected to be spent on a new #apartment complex in the #citycentre, just off the A38, right where Kent Street Baths used to be – and the developers are certainly making good use of the space.

The apartments.
In this new build-to-rent development, there are to be 500 apartments. These hundreds of new homes will range from one-bedroomed studio flats, through to three-bedroomed apartments, big enough for a family. Needless to say, there shall be something to suit everyone! Developers varied the size of each apartment so much because they want to develop a community for young professionals, first time buyers and families on an average income.

Kent Street – why here?
Kent Street Baths was originally opened in 1851, and was Birmingham’s first public baths; they soon became very popular and loved by the public. Unfortunately, the building sustained a huge amount of damage in World War Two after a particularly heavy air raid in December, 1940. Dropped explosives ate away at the walls until a significant amount had crumbled to nothing, leaving many bleeding hearts around the city. The baths were repaired after the war, but the pools themselves were abandoned even though the building’s offices and multi-purpose units remained in use up until 2004. Eventually, in 2009, the building was demolished.

Now the land shall have a positive role again. It is the perfect place to erect hundreds of homes, being within spitting distance of so many great city features. A handful of the wonderful opportunities lurking a couple of street corners away, are the Hippodrome theatre, the Bullring and Birmingham New Street Station. In this prime location, the occupants of a new apartment complex will flourish and thrive.

Architects are currently working on the designs for the building, so fingers crossed they make it look as wonderful as it sounds.

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