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Perhaps you are reading this because your team is not very supportive or not performing well? Possibly, you don’t even have a team and you are struggling to do everything by yourself.

I’m sure you’d like to be in much better place, a place where you have a good, motivated and supportive team achieving more that you expected. A team that works smart and produces brilliant results.

Would you agree that to move from a place where you are struggling by yourself without a good team around, to have an amazing, motivated team accomplishing tremendous results, you would need to have a new approach, a new system and new people in place?
To get the right, reliable people is not an easy task especially when it comes to investment in properties. In your portfolio of your power team you essentially need to have a good and knowledgeable mortgage broker, a solicitor, insurance brokers, estate agents, letting & managing agents, builders, painters & decorators, electricians, plumbers, gas engineers. Each of them playing a crucial role in the success of your real estate investment. Let’s break it down and see what each one of the team does.

As Phil Jackson once said “The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.”
An exceptional mortgage broker will, considering your personal circumstances, advise you on the mortgage lender that give you best possible mortgage rate and possible discount or cashback. They can advise which solicitor to get and also they will handle some of the chasing between the solicitor and mortgage lender, which most of the time is a very time consuming process with lots of back and forth emails and phone calls.

A very knowledgeable solicitor will ensure that all the surveying will be done on time, all the documents from you as an investor as well as from the seller are correct. They look at all the paperwork and read even small print (something not many of us read). An effective solicitor will look after the exchange of contracts and completion in the shortest possible time, knowing that time is money for all converned.

A good Insurance broker will give you the best building or contents insurance or both depending on your needs. They will provide great support and in case of cancellation, they will help you through the process of cancelling to getting your refund back into your account.

Professional estate agents will ensure that you get a property that suits your requirements, whether that is: a specific location, discounted or close to your offer price. Sensible estate agents will be looking to create a win-win for the homeowner as well as for investors. They are the people who will be dealing with solicitors as well as the mortgage broker providing all requested information about the sale property.

Professional letting & management agents will give you a letting appraisal on the let property as well as comparatives on the same properties in the area. They will take pictures of your properties, advertise on the property portals, arrange viewings, check all the possible tenants, do the credit check and all reference checks on the prospective tenants. They can arrange a professional inventory and check in/check out services. On the day of signing the agreement they will make sure that landlords and tenants sign all relevant documents, they will accompany landlords or in his/her absence they will help the tenant to move in to the property as easily and hassle free as possible. They will manage monthly payments from the tenants and transfer the money into the landlords/investors account, renew AST when is due, deal with maintenance and all the phone calls from tenants and other jobs agreed beforehand (like arranging EPC).

Dynamic builders, painters & decorators, electricians, plumbers, and gas specialists will ensure that your property is compliant with all the current rules and regulations and is safe. They will work to meet your deadline and complete refurbishment/maintenance project on or before time and in a cost effective manner. They will provide you with warranty and relevant certificates for their job.

Can you do all the above by yourself? Of course you can, but the question is how much time do you have or how much time you want to invest in getting the profit from your deal? All the time you invest in doing all of the above you could be looking for your next profitable project.

At Enlighten Estate Agents we work with united, reliable, cost effective, smart & hard working teams, helping many investors like yourself to get the highest profit from your investment property in a very short time.

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Before I finish this article I’d like to leave you with a quote from Norman S Hidle, “A group becomes a team when each member is sure enough of himself and his contribution, to praise the skill of the others”.

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