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Whether you are buying a house to let or live in it, one of the most important thing you will look for is safety. Somewhere where you can feel part of the community and take an advantage of all its conveniences.

You may want to know what benefits the area carries and what sets it apart from other nearby areas. Important considerations include schools, shops, entertainment, local park land, parking, jobs, and extracurricular facilities.

Harborne in Birmingham, is really starting to blossom and now comes highly recommended, especially to young families. But why? What has it got? What can it give back to you?

Area assets.

There are multiple features in Harborne which would appeal to someone looking for a new home. It offers everything from basic and convenient necessities to luxury activities and specialised surprises. Here are just some of the most appreciated and note-worthy attractions.

  • Sports clubs – Have Saturday mornings become pyjama parties for your family? Are you in need of a little activity during the week to burn off steam and frustration grown from the pressure of your job or family life? There are plenty of sports offers around Harborne, meaning everyone is sure to find something to suit them. There are rugby clubs, hockey clubs, and tennis courts.
  • Harborne Golf Club – In addition to all of the above sports, there’s of course the extra special Harborne Golf Club where members have access to the club house, lounge, dining room and outside terrace. The club also offers function rooms for your special events, which happen to have panoramic views of the course. What’s not attractive about that?
  • Pamper points ­­– Around Harborne are many beauty salons where you can not only get your hair cut, but also get pampered with stress-relieving therapies. Wouldn’t the comfort and relaxation they provide help you settle into your new area much faster?
  • Restaurant range – The restaurant business in Harborne is thriving. There are more foreign options than you can count, leaving you with a different option for every night of the week. There is even the fantastic Michelin-starred eatery, Turners at 69, which specialises with modern-day English dishes with French influences. With a menu to make your mouth water, they sit just five minutes away from the city centre, ready to welcome you with open arms.
  • Queen Alexandra College – Founded in 1904, this incredible education facility deserves more credit every day. They are a specialist college, taking in students sixteen-years and older who suffer from disabilities including visual impairments and autism. It currently teaches over 200 students; if your child could be in need of their assistance, then this is a fantastic opportunity and a huge draw into the area of Harborne.

Are investments happening?

Yes, they are! The area has a lot going for it, including all the facilities mentioned above and all the parkland, but also for the reasonable prices. Londoners have their eye on the Birmingham areas, amazed by what you can buy with less money than they need in the capital. For example, did you know, when houses in Harborne are on the market, you could get a four bedroom, detached house (with a garden) for just £500,000? Well, you can. There aren’t always many properties for sale in Harborne, but when they are, they’re worth fighting for.

Harborne is becoming increasingly popular to a youthful population, too. Students fresh out of university and first time buyers should really keep their eyes peeled for any “For Sale” signs while wandering around Harborne.

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