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Have You Got the Back to School Shivers?

September. This is the time of year where we silently agree with each other that summer is over and it is time to get serious again. The kids are back to their daily dose of addition, subtraction and spelling lessons, so there will be no more holidays for a while and stress levels are sure to start escalating back at home. But it doesn’t all have to be doom and gloom. Here are a few background points on Back to School which we hope will grease those rusty feelings.

Back to School Physical.

To make sure that your child is prepared for the academic year ahead and to remind them on how important their health and safety is, it is always an investment to book them in for a physical.

  • They will have their body systems checked which will alert you to anything abnormal or worrying about their condition.
  • A physical will also confirm that they are up-to-date with their immunisations, which schools may require before admitting your child as a student. It is always good to know your child is not likely to come down with anything serious, so this is like a good dose of reassurance.
  • For student athletes, they are given extra attention with their physical wellbeing and re-informed about the importance of a healthy diet, exercise and checking their injuries carefully.
  • Your child will be provided with safety information which will keep them safe, not only within school, but out of it. This information will include reminders on safety protocols such as running with scissors, riding a bike with a helmet, crossing the road and wearing seatbelts.

Our recommendation is to book these appointments at the start of the summer to occur just before your child returns to school. Although we know that a school is one of the safest places your children could be, it may still be a whole new world for them if they are transferring from primary to secondary, moving towns or even moving up a key stage, which is always a worry for parents.


Why not treat your Back to School week (or even a whole month) as though your child is moving home? Let’s face it, it will be just as stressful and frightening for them since they are going to have to get used to new levels of difficulty in work, new teachers, new peers and possible even new buildings if they have moved schools. Since we are experts on moving to a new house, we thought we could give advice here on how to relate one monumental change to another.

  • Everyone needs support when they are facing a big change; the more people you feel are ready to catch you, the less afraid you are to jump. Listen to your children at the end of every day when they need to vent about nasty classmates or unfair teachers and talk them through any problems that develop. And smile – a smile is always nice for children to come home to.
  • Encourage your child to make new friends as soon as possible, as this will give them a support system inside the school too. New friends at school are like new neighbours; you must work at a relationship before they form the wrong idea of you. They can make life difficult for you if they want, but also make life much smoother, so tell your kids to get in there quickly and hand out a bunch of birthday party invitations.
  • Whatever the change for your child, whether it be a new school entirely, a new key stage, or even just a new year group, they will be given new rules and new responsibilities. Talk them through anything they do not understand and if they are struggling to come to terms with what is expected of them, communicate with their teachers. This is the same as communicating with an estate agent whenever you feel overwhelmed with moving business, and if an agents made you feel at ease, then you and their teachers will put your child at ease.
  • Buying new stationary and new uniform is much like decorating a new home and filling it with brand new furniture or ornaments. It will give your child confidence and possibly even excitement at returning to school since they will feel fashionable and smart. If returning to school needs a little splashing of cash, consider it an investment in your child’s self-assurance.

We wish every child good luck as they bound into a new year at school, and hope they find the experience thrilling rather than terrifying….Now, go do your homework!

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