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When selling your house, you’re juggling a lot of responsibilities before you even go on the market. You’ve got to consider where you’ll move to, what possessions need to move with you, what needs throwing out, you’ve got to keep the kids calm, organise the packing and then dig up the items you packed too soon. The last thing you need is to be pressured by making calls, organising viewings and negotiating prices until numbers lose all meaning.

Why not save yourself the grief, think ahead, and organise some help?

What estate agents can do for you.

Your agent’s primary job is to help. Once hired, their job is to sell your house and get the best possible outcome for you. To do this, they;

  • valuate your #home and give a recommended sales #price
  • present your home in the best possible light through marketing
  • maximise the reach of potential buyers through a wide range of contacts
  • use their expert knowledge of the housing market, comparing your property to others, and suggesting improvements to the home which could increase the asking price
  • negotiating sales.

#EstateAgents keep everybody in the loop, organising viewings and communicating offers to the seller – throughout the process, they support and advise you, taking the responsibility for legalities and numbers. And, because of their experience in the field, they are likely to sell your home faster and smoother than if you did it independently.

How does all this help?

With the estate agents doing their job, you’re left to do yours. Family life may continue while you have someone else working behind the scenes, handling all the communication and money. This lifts an enormous weight off your shoulders and you end up feeling more relaxed about any decisions you make after hearing their expert opinions and advise.

Now, you can enjoy the excitement and anticipation of moving to a new place. With the stressful jobs being taken out of your hands, you can focus on the important things, such as looking into your new area and finalising a color for when you decorate your new front room.

To get a list of all benefits of what we can do for you visit our website www.enlightenea.co.uk or email houses for sale to info@enlightenea.co.uk #EnlightenEstateAgents

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