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In a time when we need numerous pounds for the most basic pleasures, buying your first home feels as though it should qualify for a magic lamp. The prices are so high that you feel dizzy with the altitude, so what you really don’t need is the extra costing of getting a valuation of your #property.

What is a valuation?

One of the almost imperative steps towards buying or selling a property is getting a valuation of it. This involves the property being inspected or compared to similar properties in the area until the value is determined – this prevents you from asking for too little, so already you’ve saved a few precious pennies!

Some estate agents will ask you to pay for a valuation, and many have different prices depending on who you go to. Even then, the quality of the valuation is reflected in how much you pay for it; the cheaper options may only offer a brief report with limited information, perhaps even missing some of the property defects you would rather know about.

Don’t panic, and get the service for free…

  • Online offers.

Certain estate agents not only offer valuations for no fee, but they also give you options on how you do it. Online tools exist that will give you an estimated price for your property, including Zoopla, Own Move and Property Price Advice; you simply fill out a few questions regarding the property’s features and you’re handed a helpful guideline of how much you should be asking for. How many bedrooms does the property have? Does it have a garden? Does it have any extensions or parking? How modern is it?

  • Agent inspections.

However, it is more helpful to organise for an expert to examine your property. This face-to-face interaction will not only gain trust between you and your agents, but the estimate will be more accurate and the valuation itself will be far more thorough. Plus, you could pick their brains on how to improve your home in order to bump up the price a notch.

Looking with an Enlightened view.

Enlighten Estate Agents also offer free valuations because we believe selling your old home is going to be emotional and stressful enough without the extra aggravation of paying for such a service.

If you have any questions, or for more information and advice, (or for that free valuation you now have your eye on) feel free to contact us  info@enlightenea.co.uk or just call 0121 249 0783

Already your stress is feeling lighter and your pockets are feeling heavier.

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