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Centenary Square – Will It Be the New Centre of Attention?

Lucky construction group, Bouygues UK, has been given a trio of projects to carry out in Birmingham, all special for their own specific reasons. The biggest is without a doubt the £10 million revamp project on Centenary Square which stands just before the Library of Birmingham.

This square is an important part of Birmingham life, not just because it’s location makes it an easy flight path for getting from one place to another, but also because of the social events that take place there; it is used as a staging area for many cultural events including the famous Christmas Market, Remembrance Day Festivals and New Year celebrations. The square was named in 1989 to commemorate the centenary of Birmingham achieving city status, so is very dear to life of our second city. And now, Bouygues UK has the job of giving it a make-over…no pressure.

The Trio.

  • The £10 million redevelopment of Centenary Square is due to start this month. When it is finished, there shall be water features, adding interest and beauty to the area. There shall also be lighting columns to illuminate the area, all of which will be a huge 25-meters high.
  • Bouygues UK has also been asked to join its first project with the University of Birmingham. The university want a refurbishment of their current facilities, so a £5.5 million job will be carried out to build new teaching space for the psychology and brain dependency unit.
  • For their final task, Bouygues UK are planning to replace the structural cladding on a local primary school in Sheldon.

We’re all excited to see the new square’s design and can’t wait to experience the cultural events once the final feature has been fitted.

To find out what other projects are occurring all over Birmingham, explore our blog.

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