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Campus to Community: Will You Be Part of It?

An 14.5-acre plot of land along Aldridge Road has been handed over from Birmingham City University into the custody of the Homes and Communities Agency (HCA) for over £6 million who are planning a new housing estate. Whether that be some blocks of flats or a cluster of independent houses we are not yet sure, but the promise of a new community is at the forefront of everyone’s plans.

The University’s Plan.

The Homes and Communities Agency has permitted the university to continue utilising their teaching accommodations on the City North Campus until late 2018. This will allow the university to gradually transfer their operations over to their new campus which is currently under construction in Edgbaston. By the time the new campus has been finished, the School of Education and Social Care will have moved to its new facilities and City North Campus will have finished their designs and planning.

The vice-chancellor of the university has indicated that this move was mainly because of how the land would be of better use in the hands of the HCA. BCU is grateful to the surrounding community for their support towards the campus over the years and they wanted to thank everyone properly when the time came to move.

Perry Barr.

So, what would be so great about living in this new community? Well, we have a few teasers from around the Perry Barr areas which might make you want to keep your eye on the building site and view the accommodations upon completion.

  • Doug Ellis Sports Centre – This fantastic £7 million leisure centre only opened in 2010 and offers a wide range of health and fitness facilities; these include a fitness suite, sports halls and work out studios. Despite the Birmingham City University logo being in prime place on the website, it does in fact cater to the general public, offering fun health activities to everyone. You can even take on seven days of free gym and classes trial to get you started.
  • One Stop Shopping – Just over the road from the campus up for redevelopment is a retail park offering multiple shops to fulfil your every desire. At One Stop Shopping you can select from shops such as Wilkinson’s, Marks and Spenser, Sports Direct, Argos and Home Bargains. It couldn’t be easier to fetch your pint of milk or weekend crafting equipment, and Sports Direct would come in very handy if you were to take to the sports centre already mentioned.
  • Perry Hall Park – Right next to the One Stop Shopping retail park is the Perry Hall Park, a vast area of green for you to enjoy afternoon walks or family picnics. Loads of events take place here; upcoming ones include a family fun day on July 23rd of this year, and the well-known Macmillan Coffee Morning taking place on Saturday 24th On top of all this, there’s the Sensory Garden which will be having an open day on July 26th. With an entertainment supply which is as community minded as this one your doorstep, why wouldn’t you be enticed to live just over the road?
  • Perry Barr Greyhound Stadium­ – Don’t worry, Friday and Saturday nights are taken care of. Racing takes place twice a week but that’s not all that this stadium has to offer. There is also a fancy restaurant, executive suites for corporate or private functions and options for fast food. And with a capacity of 1500 people you are sure to find an incredible atmosphere.

To see what other renovation projects are happening around Birmingham and what the surrounding areas can offer you by way of community building, read out blog; www.enlightenea.co.uk/blog.


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