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Ho-Ho-Home for Christmas!

Will Santa be bringing the deeds to a new home down the chimney for your stocking this year? (We suppose you had better leave out a couple of extra cookies as a thank you, just in case.) Of course, with all the present buying, and having to deal with the monstrous in-laws, we know that Christmas is stressful enough for you without the trouble of selling/buying property as well. But we think you will be singing a different carol after hearing what the huge advantages are to buying a house during the Christmas period.


  • Less competition – With most people thinking about everything else they need to spend money on during the festive season, most put off the house hunting until the new year. In fact, Boxing Day is the busiest day of the year for online property searches with last year showing 25 million views on Rightmove alone. Once the big day is out the way, couples who still have a little time off work can finally look into their finances and available property options, bringing a lot more competition back to the market once January hits.
  • Prices may decline – There will always be a home owner eager to move before the new year, whether it is because of job relocation or seeking a fresh start, but because of the drop in demand during December, they may slash their asking prices. You never know what house you are going to find, but it is possible that it will be cheaper around Christmas than a month afterwards, so consider it a Christmas bargain!
  • Better interest rates – Just like the above advantage, due to the limited demand, interest rates may be cut as well, forcing greater competition among lenders.
  • Property consultants may have more time on their hands – Fewer people in need of advice or help means that the people offering their time and attention will be able to spend more of their house with you. Your work with them will therefore feel more thorough and you will find yourself feeling more comfortable with any decisions you make.
  • Starting a new year afresh – Get away from the neighbourhood bullies. Find a new town with a new job and a better future. Make your separation from a partner a little easier by finding the perfect home for you and you alone. A whole new year can bring a whole new life given the chance and every New Year’s Day feels like a clean slate, so take advantage of that!


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