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Make It a Night to Remember, Without Gunpowder, Treason or Plot.

“Remember, remember, the fifth of November: gunpowder, treason and plot.”

Thanks to the mighty helpful rhyme and the tell-tale squeal-whizz-bang of countless fireworks every year, it would now be difficult to forget what November 5th means to our country. Guy Fawkes’ explosion (had it been given the chance to blow) would have been a lot more impressive than anything we could come up with as party entertainment, but our bonfires coupled with exploding displays of colour and sound are still very important to us Brits.

There is still some debate as to what we are celebrating. Are we applauding the capture of Guy Fawkes and making a mockery of his group’s failed plan? Or are we supporting the plan of standing against prejudice against Catholics by bringing the most powerful in the country to their end? Either way, parties are held, and we think we have some sure-fire ways to make yours a night to remember, remember.

Decorate, decorate.

Make use of your outside space. If guests are going to be out there to experience the fireworks, you might as well use it for the rest of the night too. Even though it would be best to have an inside option for those who really feel the cold (such as a conservatory or a kitchen) you want people to go where the main body of the party is, so make your garden or patio worth the cold.

  • Lights – No one wants to be squinting through the night, so as well as patio lights, find some fairy lights to string along your bushes or fences. This is not only practical, but will also increase ambiance.
  • Red, Gold and White – The clue is in the title…Bonfire Stick with the theme of fire and use as many reds, golds and whites as you can. A few candles here and there will add a little to the depth too. And of course, we cannot forget about the bonfire itself. Building a fire pit is easy; dig a hole in earth or sand, surround in little stones and wa-hey, you have yourself a campfire! Please remember, safety comes first; if you have a small garden, find a fake fire whether it be a plastic sculpture or strips of coloured paper with a fan beneath them to make the “flames” dance. However you do it, a fire will make your small get-together a proper party just by being there.
  • Cosy, ComfyRemember, remember, we are trying to make the outside appealing, so make sure there are plenty of places to sit down around the fire and have a couple of blankets dispersed among them. It is November after all, and the nights tend to get a bit nippy.


  • The Good Old Stuff – Why not keep the theme going with what you are feeding your guests? Use foods that would have popular around the (very) early 1600s. Recent finds of the era would have been potatoes, tomatoes and kidney beans. Turkeys were also new around this time, so take this as an opportunity to serve turkey breast fillets. Pastries were popular, so serve some sausage rolls and apple tarts – not only are these of the time, but they are also favourites in home recipes and are considered feel-good foods.
  • BBQ – If the time-sensitive food is too much of challenge for you, or you do not think it will suit your guests, keep it simple with a fun BBQ. Sausages, burgers, onions with a side of potato salad and finger food. What could go wrong?
  • Build Your Own Plate – Another option in the style of keeping it simple, is a small buffet. Offer a range of foods such as scotch eggs, small sandwiches, crisps and cold slices of pizza. This will be easy to maintain too since all you have to do is refill a bowl when you find it empty. Easy!
  • S’mores – Spoil your guests with the famous campsite favourite of crackers sandwiching toasted marshmallows and chocolate. There is no way any of your friends would consider the party a let-down if they are on a s’more high.

Stay safe and warm this Bonfire Night. Good luck to all those who are hosting a party and we hope our tips come in useful. And remember, remember…

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