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The next couple of months are set to sort out our health and fitness, curtesy of Birmingham City Council, The University of Birmingham and HSBC. Not only is there a brand new facility encouraging memberships to get into a weekly workout, but there is also going to be a cycling surge organised for June to achieve a long term aim over eight years.

Sports Facility.

The University of Birmingham has spent a whopping £55 million on their new Sport and Fitness Centre, and after a long time coming, we finally have an open date! On May 22nd, the doors will open to not only students, but the public too, giving them access to a wide range of facilities. All current members from the Munrow Centre shall be transferred over on this date, so don’t worry if you’ve seen the “closing” signs around the Munrow – you’re simply being upgraded. The new facilities will include:

  • 200 classes
  • 200+ station gym
  • a squash court complex
  • 5 activity rooms
  • a multi-functional sports area
  • a climbing wall.

But the highlight of this new facility is for sure the Olympic sized swimming pool. At 50 meters in length, this pool will be used to hold events in the 2020 Commonwealth games if Birmingham is lucky enough to be chosen to host (so let’s all keep our fingers crossed). The aim for this new property is to encourage and increase sportsmanship and enhance Birmingham’s world-class sporting infrastructure.

UK City Ride.

The opening of the University of Birmingham’s Sport and Fitness Centre will not be the only event in our second city’s sporting spur. It is to be the first city out of thirteen dotted around the country to hold an event which will not only encourage a sport, but also bring like-minded people together.

On Sunday June 11th of this year, there shall be a cycling event called the UK City Ride, brought to Birmingham by HSBC in partnership with Birmingham City Council. Since the home of HSBC is moving from its previous position in #London to Birmingham – and bringing with it 1,200 staff to its new offices – they are celebrating the occasion with the Ride as a start to an eight-year project. The organisers hope that within these eight years, they will have helped to make cycling the most popular activity and sport of choice in the UK. The goal to have 2 million people taking to their bikes on a regular basis by 2020. If this is the case, the resulting effects will have a positive effect on the country; mores use of bikes will solve problems such as:

  • congestion on the roads
  • noise pollution (from traffic)
  • air pollution
  • stress
  • obesity

(Once again, let’s all keep our fingers crossed.)

The UK City Ride route will be revealed soon, so you still have enough time to dig your bike out of the shed and give it a good de-rusting. And don’t forget your helmet!

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