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New builds.

If you hear the words “big city accommodation”, what springs to mind? High rise flats with dingy corners, overlooking busy streets with road works and fast food restaurants? Birmingham City Council seem to be hoping to change that. Plans have been made to build 940 new apartments in Digbeth, in a location called Connaught Square – and good news, the growing need for family homes have been considered. If moving into a family home in the Birmingham area is on your bucket list, keep your eye on the #Digbeth area and watch as these #flats are built especially for you.

That family feeling.

You may be wondering why these apartments would be suitable for families. Well, firstly, the imagined flats have been adapted from the original one-bedroom studios to family-sized apartments, designed for new couples and small families. High views and spacious suites will literally be topped off with a garden as the roof is said to be covered by shared gardens the entire building can enjoy. This, however, won’t greatly affect the price because they are to be affordable to those on an average income.

What’s more, the area is very family orientated. Not only will these new homes be within sight of the fun-packed Bullring shopping centre, but the River Rea will run through the heart of open public plazas where families can have a breath of fresh air and an evening wander by the river side.

In the interest of public spirit…

So as not to create any eye-sores, the buildings are to be modern and attractive, which you can see for yourself in shared CGI pictures. The size of the car park for the apartments has also been reduced since the nearby public transport links are excellent, such as the Digbeth coach station just a short walk away. This will mean less noise and traffic pollution, keeping the area quiet and clean. The plans have also been worked around a treasured, existing building; the aim is to preserve the White Swan restaurant in its historic beauty where the moving-in families can spend an evening treating their kids with a pub meal. Imagine a hot plate of fish and chips or a juicy steak, followed by an evening amble through the plaza back to your flat…you’re tempted, aren’t you?

Surviving a family move.

Moving home is a stressful enough situation as it is, so for parents with kids and pets to think about, it will be a dreaded event. Here are just a few tips to keep the whole family (including yourself) calm on the approach to the big day.

  • Communication – Keep your kids in the loop by telling them of all your plans as soon as they’re finalised, and then calmly ask if they have any questions. Giving them relevant information as it comes will give them time to adjust and to prepare for what’s happening.
  • Keep routines tight – Routine anchors family life, so despite the looming change, keep bed times, dinner times and family time as close to your usual time-frame as possible. This will keep balance in your home and keep things feeling normal.
  • Pets – The family pooches and kitties pick up on more than you think, so keep the level of tension and panic low so as not to distress them. They are bound to be unsettled, being removed from their territory, so shower them with attention and affection for reassurance. Show them a picture of their new home before hand, or if possible, even take them for a visit. That way, they won’t be thrown into their new life overnight.
  • Pack a Moving Day Survival Kit – Prepare yourselves for what may go wrong, especially if you’re moving over a long distance; sandwiches and a sweet treat for the kids, a flask of coffee for the parents and a squeaky toy for the dog. And don’t forget to take a book or a pack of playing cards (you never know how boring the journey might get).
  • Create a Moving Scrapbook – No one wants to forget their previous home, so make sure you take plenty of pictures before the packing begins. Include pages dedicated to friends in the area, get a picture of the children’s school, their teachers and your favourite local hide-aways. Not only will this be a creative project the family can have fun doing together, but a book crammed full of memories will have the family reminiscing in the years to come.

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