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What is the best time of day to take a breath-taking photograph? Midday maybe, when the sun is at its highest? Mid-afternoon when there’s a thin shadow to everything like a dark halo? One particularly adventurous project has a very dedicated team who were prepared to do tough elements to capture some of the most incredible photos of Birmingham for years. For one thing, they had to get up before the sun since they wanted to spot the city during sunrise. Then, they also had to go to the top of the 28-storey Alpha Tower where vertigo would surely have kicked in…let’s hope they didn’t look down. The participants called themselves #AlphaSunrise – not the most imaginative of titles, but sometimes simplicity is the best policy. After all, it tells everyone exactly who they are and what they have done and it’s easy enough to remember.

Picture this: grey block shapes of numerous buildings all stacking against one another as though in a race to touch the sky, a pale sheen over the landscape and dark clouds trying but failing to hold back the burning gold of the rising sun rays.

Now picture this: a photo zoomed in to focus on road intersections below, streets lamps lighting up bare roads with varying shades of yellow and orange while the shiny exterior of Birmingham Grand Central reflects the pale blue/grey of the spring sky above.

The pictures described above were part of the #AlphaSunrise contribution, taken by some of the top photographers in Birmingham. #AlphaSunrise is a partnership between CEG Properties and Birmingham’s Hidden Spaces, both with different ambitions but with one mutual desire – to show the country what their second city looks like from a bird’s point of view first thing in the morning.

Alpha Works.
The reason CEG Properties were part of this project, is because they were already involved with the Alpha Tower. The 21st and 22nd floor are undergoing a £16 million redevelopment, sprucing up a 14,000 sq ft office space, ready for April 2017. There is said to be over 200 desks, some of which will be Hot Desks meaning that with a weekly membership anyone can turn up and use the office space to get into the ‘work’ frame of mind and complete their various tasks. There will also be more permanent desks for people willing to pay a little more, and even rentable private office spaces for smaller or start-up companies to develop themselves.

These office spaces will have a number of features making them worth the money;
– meeting rooms and event space
– kitchens
– phone booths
– high speed internet
– printing and postage.

For more information from within Birmingham, visit our blog: www.enlightenea.co.uk/blog

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