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Have you had challenging experiences with your landlord? Perhaps they are not keeping the property in good repair? Possibly they are in and out of the property every day?

That’s not what you want. Would it be too much to ask to have peace of mind after a stressful day at work?  Where you can get home to your lovely “castle”, where you can #relax and recharge your batteries. It is a beautifully repaired and redecorated property perhaps with a nice garden where you can plant your favourite flowers – roses, daffodils, chamomile or maybe jasmine wafting a sweet, warm and candied fragrance? That beautiful aroma that with each breath gets into your body making you very relaxed. You have almost forgotten the stresses and anxieties you had during the day. You are looking around and seeing your garden tidy and nicely organised and as you look up you see the trees and hear birds singing happy songs.  The sun is shining warmly on your face and at this moment life seems so peaceful and joyful.

Or maybe you are not a garden person, maybe your perfect end to the day is to jump on your very comfortable sofa, pore yourself a glass of wine or a beer and eat your delicious dinner whilst watching your favourite program on TV.

Whatever picture you have in your mind, I’m pretty certain it is not one with the landlord chasing you for whatever reason or where your house is in disrepair and a bad state.

You might be thinking right now, do good landlords exist? Is it possible to have peace of mind and stress free living in rented accommodation?

The answer is “yes” there definitely are good landlords who look after their properties as well as their tenants.

You may wonder how I know this? How can I make such a bold statement?

Working as a letting agent I personally meet many landlords who are incredible people and really go the extra mile (or sometimes even an extra 100 miles) to keep their tenants happy. Those people know what it takes to be a tenant as they too have often been tenants themselves. Those are the people who know the value of money and peace in ones life. They understand & support all of their tenants as much as possible and of course they expect the same in return.

Perhaps the right question to ask is not if such landlords exist but how to find them?

Well – there are two ways of doing it.

Finding Great Landlords

Number one, probably the easiest one, is having a friendly and trusted relationship with lettings and #property management #agents who can give you honest feedback on the property as well as on the landlord. Obviously, to have a good relationship with anybody may take time but I guarantee it is worth it, because reliable lettings and managing agents can give you a hand when you need it most. They help you, advise you and support you through any challenges or issues with landlords or renting a property or even before that, whilst you are still looking to rent.

The second option you have is to do your own due diligence which can be a hefty time and energy consuming process. You may want to talk to some neighbours in the area to find out who the landlord is and if he/she is a good person and how the previous tenants have been treated. You can also ask letting agents but if you haven’t built up a rapport with them, most likely they’ll tell you that the landlord is good.  However I don’t recommend just moving in and then finding out if they are good or not.

And what if the landlord doesn’t live locally? What if he/she lives abroad? How do you know if they have everything in place to support you and maintain the property in very good condition and make swift repairs? What if the landlord has never lived in the area?

When you go to see the property look at what condition that property is outside and inside. On the outside you are looking if the grass is cut (if there is grass) or have any shrubs and hedges been trimmed? Is the fence in good condition? Is it generally tidy or not?

On the inside, look whether the property is in good repair? Is it clean? Are there smoke alarms fitted (and where needed a carbon monoxide alarm) ? Is the property compliant with current regulations? If you don’t know what the regulations are, ask a letting agent or do your own search.

From thoroughly exploring the house you can form an idea about the landlord or managing agents or both. Landlords may not necessarily be living in the area but if they have a good team in place – they will still look after their tenants remotely. Those landlords you may never see – which is not necessarily a bad thing.  As long as they have a great team in place – what it means for you is the peace of mind of not having them on your neck every day but at the same time having the house and you as a tenant looked after.

At #EnlightenEstateAgents we look after #property, #landlord and #tenant. We take the time to meet everyone and find out what your needs are and how we can help you.

If you have any questions or maybe you need to move house but haven’t found a suitable place yet – contact us. We will set up an alert for you and as soon as we get the house you require, we will let you know.

Wishing you the best experience with your landlord and may all the properties you move into be nice ones – fixed & redecorated properly in a way that not only makes you and your family happy but will add value to your lives.

Warm wishes from the Enlighten Estate Agents Team and thanks for taking the time to read this guide. If you want to know more please read our blog

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