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Kitchens are widely regarded as the heart of every #home. It’s where families sit down to eat meals and give a debrief of their day. It’s the social hub for every party. It’s where partners can show their devotion to one another by putting time and effort into preparing evening meals. Buyers know this, so the kitchen is high on their list of priorities when examining potential homes. In fact, an impressive kitchen can add value onto a property by up to 7%. So, how can you make sure your kitchen dazzles viewers?

1. Is your plan to open-plan?
Open plan kitchens with #kitchen islands or breakfast bars are becoming increasingly popular, generally because they give the impression of more space and surface area. It also promotes a more sociable family lifestyle; consider the lack of walls a representation of family communication. We also recommend designating zones for different events – for instance, you may have a higher surface area for chopping (near the fridge and stove, obviously), a lower area for working where children could complete homework and another area for crafting. This will help potential buyers imagining their day-to-day life inside your home and get them excited with the prospect of a tight-knit family.

2. Floor your guests with your floor.
A new floor is highly recommended; since the kitchen sees the most movement throughout the house, the floor will be grubby, worn and unsightly. Stone tiles are high in fashion at the moment, and they are easy to maintain with an occasional mop-around. However, a stone floor will freeze the feet of midnight feasters, especially during the winter, so install underfloor heating to keep everybody’s toes toasty. We guarantee that this will score you points with viewers.

3. Delicate detail.
Giving your kitchen cupboards and walls a new splash of paint wouldn’t be a bad idea – the fresher the room looks, the more it will appeal to viewers. Keep the colour tones gentle though, as bright kitchens haven’t been in fashion since the 1980s. We recommend whites and other pale tones with the odd splash of colour, courtesy of a bursting fruit bowl or picture frames.

4. Bleach, brush and buff.
Who wants to see grease and grime when looking for a new place to live? Not buyers! As soon as your house goes on the market, treat Mr Muscle as your new best friend and take him on a tour around your kitchen before every viewing. That sink – responsible for hundreds of washed-up pots and pans – will likely be stained, so scrub until your fingers are raw. Remove every lick of limescale from your taps and mop that mangy floor. Drag every speck of dust from those hidden crevices with bristled brushes and dig out your furniture polish to give everything a sheen shiny enough to reflect your face.

5. Deep clean the clutter.
Messy houses have a much lower sales rate than tidy ones, especially if that clutter is in the family room or the kitchen. People want space and your distracting 3 piles of tat will make the #room seem much smaller, putting them off buying. Clear every counter top, hide away the mail and put away every utensil. We even recommending finding a hidey-hole for your toaster and kettle – since both will be leaving the house with you, it’s worth making the kitchen look as close as you can get it to the layout during the day they move in, which will be bare and ready for their own personal touches and product placement.

6. Bake and brew.
You need viewers to feel at home in your #house to help them imagine what it would be like the live there. Create a perfectly cosy atmosphere with the succulent scents of freshly baked bread or brewing coffee – the positive reinforcement with help them associate your property with the homely feeling every buyer craves!

With these top tips, you’re sure to have buyers swooning over your kitchen and being a step closer to choosing your home as their next one. For more advice on preparing for a house move, including garden preparation and keeping calm on the big day, visit our website: www.enlightenea.co.uk/blog or Facebook

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