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5 Techniques You Should Never Dismiss When House Hunting.

This year has seen a slower growth of the property market. Around this time in 2016, there was a 23% increase of homes being put up for sale, whereas in the same period of this year there is only a 6.5% increase. That lost 16% in one year is crucial because now we have more competition for each home than ever with over 10 buyers for every property in England and Wales. This is why we want to help our readers get ahead of the game, suggesting creative ways in finding and then securing that dream home.

  1. Serious Searcher.

It is important to show everyone involved that you are serious about buying a property (even if there is a secret, small part of you that is still unsure). Think of each viewing as an interview for the vacancy of “Property Owner” – you want to impress the agency (in this case, the estate agents), and you want to impress the interviewer (in this case, the current owner). You should therefore make it clear from the start if you are a cash buyer and ask as many questions as you can, showing interest in the property, the area and even the current owner’s life. It would also help to be in favour of a quick exchange of contracts as this will show everyone you are keen on the sale.

  1. Wave a Wand and Charm the Seller.

While we are on the subject of the seller…

You need to impress them on a more personal level as well as with regards to the house. Whenever you talk or meet, remain polite and friendly, make sure to ask them how their family is doing and take interest in whatever they share about their life. Make them laugh if you can, as this will help them to remember you out of all their buyers and work in your favour. Also, it is important to be flexible about viewing dates and times; let them call the shots about what time you arrive, after all, they are letting you into their home and you do not want to see demanding.

As a final touch, considered sending them a Thank You card or maybe a short letter, thanking them for taking the time to show you around the house. The message will be the perfect opportunity for you to write down what you love about the house, tell them about your family’s excitement and give them specifics on what you adored about their home. Do not sign it with “Sincerely” since this distant ending with make the intimate letter feel fake; sign it with “Hope you are well,” or “Hope to hear from you soon.”

  1. Market Yourself.

Why not take a more hands-on approach with your house hunting? Instead of waiting for an estate agent find a property or waiting for sale signs to go up, advertise yourself as a buyer. Print out small leaflets and spend a couple of sentences explaining your main desires in a home. Round it off with your name and who your estate agents are, asking them to get in touch with your estate agents if there is any chance they would sell to you. Then post them through the doors of a specific area you like. The worst that can happen is that the leaflets are thrown away. In other words, you have nothing to lose, but you could gain a potential buy.

  1. Be Persistent.

Remind people you are there, remind them you are interested! Ask for any developments as soon as they come in to show your enthusiasm and take every chance the current owners offer to go and view the house. Be persistent with the estate agents as well – they are very busy people, but if they know you are serious about completing a sale, you will jump to the top of their priority list.

There are always reasons to lower the price you pay for a house, you just have to find them. For example, a house that has been on the market for a long time might mean that the owners are probably keener to get the sale over with, making your chances shoot straight up of lowering the asking price. Maybe there are other things about the house to work in your favour; has it been poorly marketed with inaccurately described features or has it been registered with an agent from the wrong area? (Through all this however, do not forget to remain polite and friendly to charm and impress!)

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