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Easter Egg’s Golden Meaning
Hey, you, with the chocolate around your mouth. Yeah, you. While you are munching your way through that round layer of chocolate there, take a moment to ponder why it is in an egg shape. Do you know why? Well, actually, giving chocolate eggs has become a modern tradition of an old, religious belief. Eggs are a symbol of new life because some creatures reproduce their offspring that way. And after all, #Easter is all about new life, given that a man was nailed to a cross, left hanging until he died and then was found to be missing from his tomb and walking around with holes in his hands and feet not two days later.

Why not mirror this belief in your own life? Start a new life, create a whole new you. Try new things and maybe find a hobby you never knew you had a passion for. Move home, make a fresh start somewhere new and exciting and see what you can accomplish there. Quit that miserable-Monday-morning job and find an opportunity working with something you care about.

Your Via Dolorosa.
In case you are wondering, Via Dolorosa is said to be the path that Jesus walked once captured by the Romans. With the cross that he would soon be nailed to balancing on his back, a crown of thorns tearing up his scalp and haters throwing insults and jeers at him from all sides, it is hardly surprising that the path was so named, because Via Dolorosa is Latin for “Way of Greif” or “Way of Suffering”.

We’re not saying you should put yourself through the same amount of agony this Easter holiday, but maybe you could consider the struggles of your everyday life your own Via Dolorosa. The pressure of work, family squabbles and financial trouble are never easy, especially when they intersect. We just want to remind you that despite everything that happened to Jesus that day, he took it all in his stride and then came back more alive than ever. You could too after you have beaten your burdens. After all, you can’t see a rainbow without enduring a little rain first.

Tattered Tomb to Magnificent Monument.
The cave which became Jesus’s tomb was encased inside a marble shrine hundreds of years ago, for preservation purposes. This was named the Edicule and has since been a place of true wonder for religious followers. Unfortunately, scaffolding has been an integral part of the structure for some time to prevent a likely collapse, and what’s more, pilgrims have been using the metal skeleton to hold their candles of prayer and respect, making it unrecognisable with black soot.

Well, after almost a year, the tomb has finally been unveiled after a £3 million restoration. It has been cleaned, strengthened and had its stabilisers removed to once again stand on its own. Donations came in from all over the place, including private and church contributions along with significant amount of money from Jordan’s King Abdullah II and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas.

Incredibly, the restorers even cut out a small window of the marble shell, so that for the first time, visitors can see inside to the bare stone of the legendary burial cave.

Why not use this to help your mind set? Give yourself in internal restoration by clearing your head of all nasty thoughts, try removing coping mechanisms and try standing on your own two feet? Like with the Edicule, people may well be tripping over each other to help you if you ask them. A positive mind leads to a positive life.

Happy Easter!
We hope we’ve given you a lot to think about and we hope that you’re successful in everything you undertake during this Easter Holiday. Enjoy time with your family and friends, get outside and bask in the sun, but make sure you leave your chocolate eggs inside…it would be a disaster if they melted.

Happy Easter, from everyone here at #EnlightenEstateAgents !

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