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£1 Million Bereavement Centre: Extra For You from Birmingham Children’s Hospital.

Seizing the opportunity to offer even more help than they already provide, Birmingham Children’s Hospital have now opened a support centre on their property. This centre, named Magnolia House, gives the families of sick children a dedicated place consult with doctors where there is no time limit, no distracting background noise or insensitive surroundings. Previously, parents or carers would have received the news of their child’s illness (or details of treatment) in offices, empty cubicles or even playrooms, but now they have a specific, spacious and sensitive sanctuary where they can feel as relaxed as possible for the private conversations.

What it Offers.

Magnolia’s House public aim is to improve experiences of hundreds of families who receive difficult news. In previous years, the hospital had an average of 120 discussions a year that changed families lives forever but the setting never suited the needs of the grief-stricken parents or guardians. Listening to focus groups of families, the hospital designed the centre with the feedback they received and developed the perfect environment for such sensitive issues. Here are a few details that they were adamant on having to achieve this:

  • 2 private counselling rooms
  • a calming lounge
  • private garden for family reflections
  • a sibling’s play area
  • a dining area
  • a kitchen.

The layout in the centre was not the only element that needed to be just right; the environment needed to be unlike anywhere else in the hospital, leaning as far away from the atmosphere of a busy and smelly ward as possible. Considering this and feedback from families, Mongolia House was decorated with calm colours, such as a pastel coloured interior and matching furniture. There are also floor-to-ceiling windows which provide a lot of natural light. Such a calm and open surrounding will help relax the visiting families as much as possible.

The centre also has a surrounding garden which will be calming for visiting families. Magnolia trees have been planted in the garden, hence the name of the centre -Magnolia House. These trees flower in shades of white, purple, and even yellow, and some varieties are evergreen. This therefore promises beauty throughout the year, especially in Spring and Summer when the trees’ flowers unfold with their astounding colours.

Where Its Come From.

Amazingly, Magnolia House has been funded entirely from charitable donations, making it even more of an achievement. A whopping 75% of the funds came from the Birmingham-based financial services firm known as Wesleyan, who managed to raise £750,000 of the required £1 million. To obtain that much money, Wesleyan led 200 fundraising activities, one of which was the publication of a children’s book by Maggie McGee, The Unstoppable.

And you should be proud of yourselves too because the remaining £250,000 came from public donations.

Congratulations the hospital on this fantastic facility, and we wish the families finding themselves in need of its services all the best.

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